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    Don't feel guilty! Olivia is a great name!

    Just because you are part of a name forum and 'the most original name' may seem like the biggest deal for posters around here, I'm sure no one in the real world would bat an eyelash that you named your daughter Olivia. I'm sure she's a charming girl that people see for who she is, not just her name.

    As a side note - in my community many, many girls (and boys) are named from the same religious pool of names, and it is not uncommon to have multiple kids in a class with the same names, year after year. Everyone brings his or her own personality to the table, and rather for seeing the child for his/her name, the child is seen for his/her personality and qualities, adding more personal dimension to the name itself.

    Please try not to let this bother you.

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    Popular names are popular for a reason- many of them are beautiful names. Olivia is an excellent example. It's a beautiful name. You could call her by a nn if it bothers you that much. If you spend a lot of time on Nameberry you start to feel like you must have the most original name the world has ever seen. That, however, doesn't always translate well to the real world.

    Don't feel guilty. Remember the reasons you chose the name when she was born and own it.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    I can totally understand where you are coming from - my son is 4, I named him Caleb with the knowledge that it was a popular name. I sometimes feel bad that it's not unique or "different" (it's honestly not a name I even wanted to consider, but that is a whole different story all together) but then I realize that Caleb (like Olivia), is a strong, classy name that will age wonderfully into adulthood and serve him well in all stages of life. I think that is a very core concept that a lot of people forget and I think with Olivia, you hit the nail on the head and while it is popular, it's still a great name that she will be proud of when she's an adult.

    I DO think you should call her by her first name, though - even if it's just Liv. To just suddenly change to the middle has the potential to cause some identity / confidence issues, IMO.

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    I understand your concern for your daughter with a name that is popular. My name is Emily, and throughout school I have never been the only one. Rarely did I have one class where I was the only Emily there. That being said, it never really bothered me (and I don't think any of the other Emily's were bothered either). Usually the teach would just say "Emily Lastname" and some even gave us nicknames. My AP Psych class had four of them and we were called Em, Emmy, Emily, and Emie Ann. I actually enjoyed having others with my name because I could kind of connect with them. Also, it was nice that nobody ever gets the pronunciation wrong.

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    Another Emily here.
    Never the only one. Never cared.
    It's similar to Olivia in the sense that it's easy to wear, not cringe-worthy when you introduce yourself, and you wear the name, the name doesn't wear you.
    Uniqueness is great. But it's not the be all and end all.
    I plan on calling my future daughter Lily because that was my beloved grandmother's name and have always said that's what I would do. It is annoying that it's so popular, for sure, but that's just because people have woken up to how nice it is!
    There is nothing wrong with going through life with a nice, popular name.

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