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    I'm never comfortable offering suggestions to others, so I'll spare you that. But as to the names you listed:

    Solomon - I'm not really fond of Solomon itself, but Saul would be a great nn to see on a kid. Whenever anyone on NB asks one of those "which of these names would make you smile if you saw it on a kid?" questions, my answer is almost always "none of the above"; this is a rare exception.
    Feivel - I'm honestly not sure if he'd be open to teasing in this day and age, or if that's just kids from my generation who could capitalize on that? Either way, I don't see it as wearable.
    Felix - Adorable. On the rise in popularity, but not meteoric like your Aidans or Noahs.
    Seamus - I share your dislike of Shay, and if you're not in the British Isles you may face some pronunciation issues (or not - thanks Harry Potter!), but I do like Seamus.
    Linus - Not at all my style, hipster or no.

    As a side note, I adore Ezra from your discarded list, and I think Ezra Theodore would be very handsome. I only know one Ezra - my godparents' son born in 1986 - and that's after nine years of working in ob/gyn and midwifery and seeing a gazillion babies with brand new names, so I don't think it's too trendy. Disregard if you're really certain, but just my two cents.

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    I'm loving Feivel...I could see pronounciation being a problem
    For some people, but I love it. His generation
    Will most likely never know the mouse movie
    Also liking Arlo, Felix...Solomon, Asa..lots of great choices.
    I think
    Asa Theodore
    Felix Theodore
    Are my faves...
    We are due with a boy in a couple of weeks and had these two on our
    Short list. They were ruled out because of last name issues but I love them both.

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    I feel like Linus is unneccesarily nerdy. Sorry

    Off of your list, I would choose Seamus.

    Felix, to me, is trying too hard.

    What about the nn Sully for Solomon?

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    I really like solomon and asa
    -an Amelia from a time before 'Amelia' was in the top 100.

    Currently feeling:*Roseanne Amelia* or *Kamal Clifford*

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Roseanne
    Boys: Beres, Kamal

    TTC Fall 2013!

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    I like Amos, Linus and Felix from your list as well. How about:


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