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    Italian is a language or nationality- not a place. There are so many beautiful names that I have no idea why someone who choose a language or nationality. As for place names, they can be lovely but I think they are best of there is personal meaning behind the name not just " something we Like."

    For example, if someone wants to name their child Paris just because we like it, then I think there are so many beautiful P names out there, why go with that? If they want to name their child Paris because "that is where we met and fell in love" then I see it very differently.

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    So strange. At least she could have gone with Italiana. It sort of resembles a name...

    I feel like this poor girl is set up for a life of confused conversations: "I'm Italian." "Cool, I'm American." "No, my name is Italian." "So what's your name?" "Italian!"
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    Not a place, but I know a Hispanic woman named Sayonara.

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    Works for America Ferrera, I suppose. Or at least it hasnt seemed to slow her down. I do like India, though am less fond of Asia as a name.

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    I blame Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon and their kid Moroccan.
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