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    Surnames as first names

    I tend to like surnames as first names. My son's name is Sutton. We are pretty set on Isla if our baby is a girl but until the baby is here and it's official I'm always looking. We are really struggling for boys names. Also like names that aren't popular. What do ya got for me berry's? TIA!

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    Personally I prefer Sutton as a girls name, partly due to the show The Lying Game. I love love love Flynn for a boy! Isla is beautiful(:

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    I really like a lot of surnames for boys - Edison, Thatcher, and Reid being my favorites, I think.

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    Namelover16, just to be clear my three year old son's name is Sutton. Already official not a consideration. Funny though because I had NEVER heard of the name when we choose it and I found it in a baby book as a boys name and it wasn't listed as a girls name. Fingers crossed it doesn't become a popular girls name! ugh!

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    Oh, I was simply just saying. I'm sure it won't become too popular as a girls name, it is a boys name. However I like more masculine names for girls.

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