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Thread: Hawaiian Names

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    Hawaiian Names

    What are y'all's thoughts on using names from cultures you're not part of? I'm talking about distinctive names, Hawaiian names in particular. The only connection I have with Hawaii is that I was born there and that I have a Hawaiian middle name. Our--my husband and I--plan has always been to pass on my middle name as a middle name for a child, but I'm leaning towards using Hawaiian names as first names.

    Also, names and site suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Typical Hawaiian style names that spring to mind are Leilani and Malakai

    But there is also
    Meryl Autumn | Esther Ruby | Thea Rose | Helen Rose
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    Normally I'd avoid it if it's a distinctively cultural name, but it sounds like you do actually have a connection to the culture! Being born in Hawaii and having a Hawaiian middle name yourself does give you a connection, whether or not you grew up in Hawaii or live there now. In your case I'd go for it!
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    I don't mind it, and it's clear you have a connection to the place so I wouldn't really worry too much about other people's thoughts. Hawaiian names are so beautiful too, especially their meanings!

    Testing out...
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    I think that if you were born there and your middle name is Hawaiian, I see no problem in passing that down to your child. It would also make a cool connection for you both.
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