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    Dice Family Game

    Use this dice:

    Forgot to mention, this is over 20 years.
    You roll twice. If you decide to have a kid, see down below. If you decide to have a life event see, my next post. Before starting pick a wife and husband name, Have fun

    If you decide to try for a baby...
    1 and 1: Girl
    1 and 2: Boy
    1 and 3: Boy-Boy Twins
    1 and 4: Boy-Girl Twins
    1 and 5: Girl-Girl Twins
    1 and 6: No Baby. Roll for a life Event
    2 and 1: Boy-Girl-Girl Triplets
    2 and 2: Girl
    2 and 3: Boy-Boy-Boy Triplets
    2 and 4: No Baby. Roll for a life Event
    2 and 5: Boy-Boy-Girl Triplets
    2 and 6: Boy
    3 and 1: Girl-Girl-Girl Triplets
    3 and 2: No Baby roll for a life Event.
    3 and 3: Boy-Boy-Girl-Girl Quads
    3 and 4: Boy-Boy-Boy-Boy Quads
    3 and 5: Girl-Boy Twins
    3 and 6: Girl
    4 and 1: Girl-Girl-Girl-Girl Quads
    4 and 2: Boy-Boy Twins
    4 and 3: Girl-Girl-Boy Triplets
    4 and 4: No baby. Roll for a life event.
    4 and 5: Boy
    4 and 6: Boy-Boy-Girl-Boy-Girl Quintuplets.
    5 and 1: Quintuplets. Genders are your choice.
    5 and 2: Quintuplet. Genders are your choice but there must be more boys then girl.
    5 and 3: Girl
    5 and 4: Girl-Girl Twins
    5 and 5: Boy-Boy Twins
    5 and 6: Sextuplets. Genders are your choice
    6 and 1: No Baby. Roll for a life Event.
    6 and 2: Boy-Boy-Girl-Girl Quads.
    6 and 3. Triplets. Genders Are your choice
    6 and 4: Twins. Genders are your choice
    6 and 5: Boy
    6 and 6: Girl

    (See next posts for life events)

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    Life Events:

    1 and 1: Buy a New house. Where is it, and how does it look?
    1 and 2: Buy a New car. What model is it?
    1 and 3: You fall pregnant without planning. Roll for a pregnancy.
    1 and 4: You travel to Italy! Where do you go and what do you see?
    1 and 5: You go back to school, what are you studying?
    1 and 6: Your best friend gets married, how was the wedding?
    2 and 1: Your child gets into trouble at school, what is it about?
    2 and 2: You change careers, what do you become?
    2 and 3: You take a family vacation! Where do you go?
    2 and 4: A family member passes away. How do you feel?
    2 and 5: Your brother comes and lives in your house. Why?
    2 and 6: You adopt a cat, what breed is it and what is it named?
    3 and 1: You adopt a dog, what breed is it and what is it named?
    3 and 2. You fall pregnant without planning. Roll for a pregnancy.
    3 and 3: Your house gets destroyed, how? How long will it take to rebuild?
    3 and 4: Your husband falls ill, what does he have and how does he feel?
    3 and 5: Your child gets offered a acting contract. Do you accept?
    3 and 6: You don't get along with your husband. Do things work out? Do you breakup?
    4 and 1: Your husband is cheating on you, what is your reaction?
    4 and 2: A family member has a baby, what do they name it?
    4 and 3: Your kids start a band, what is it called, and who plays what?
    4 and 4: You get pregnant with Quads! Genders are your choice.
    4 and 5: Your move to a new town, which one?
    4 and 6: Your family gets into a car accident! Is everyone alright?
    5 and 1: One of your children is re doing a grade. How do you react?
    5 and 2: Your kid comes back home with a animal, what is it and how do you react?
    5 and 3: One of your children is badly hurt, how did it happen? Will he be alright?
    5 and 4: Your children want another sibling, how do you react?
    5 and 5: Choose anything you wish to happen!
    5 and 6: You take a vacation alone with your husband, where do you go?
    6 and 1: You take the kids to Disneyworld, do they like it?
    6 and 2: You find a snake in your house, what happens?
    6 and 3: The police comes to your house, what for?
    6 and 4: Your child goes to court, why?
    6 and 5: Your husband wishes to grow the family, what are your plans?
    6 and 6: Choose anything you wish to happen!
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    DW: Catherine Anne
    DH: Andrew Kale

    1996: We decided to wait a year after mariage, before having children. Me and DH, go on a vacation, alone. We visit Paris, where we got married!

    1997: After many months, we finally got the news we where expecting, Catherine is pregnant! At the first ultrasound, we learned we where having twins! Months later, we welcomed Charles Alexander and Noah Allen!

    1998: After the twins first birthday, DH wished to grow the family, a little. I promise him that once the twins turn 4, we will start trying for baby #3.

    1999: I lost one of my cousins, he is far away. So the exact cause is unknown.

    2000: After letting the twins outside alone for 20 seconds, I come back out and they are holding a frog. With the few words they can say, I understood that the frog's name was Mimi. They wish to keep it, after a long struggle, they finally release the creature.

    2001: As I promised Andrew, after the twins turned 4, I fell pregnant not too long after. It didn't take long for us to find out that I was expecting three girls! Around Christmas day, we welcomed Alexandra Phoebe, Seraphina Lynn and Noelle Dominique.

    2002: We take our first trip as a family of 7, to Italy! We see many great things, which hopefully the kids will remember.

    2003: Me and DH really aren't working out. For the sake of the family we break up.
    --- I meet Theodore James

    2004: After meeting Theodore James a few weeks after breakout, he ask me in mariage. I realise he is the love of my life, just like Andrew was. Without hesitation I say yes!

    2005: The police comes to the house.. We had found all the kids with injuries and bad bruises.. Ended up Theodore wanted to be the only man, that I had kids with. We signed the breakup papers and I was left on my own again, raising 5 children.

    2006: After different steps, with what happened with Theodore, its time for the kids to have a word. They have there first court session, even though they are still very little...

    2007: Raising 5 children isn't free.. I decided to go back to school to get the studies to get promoted in my career, a pediatric nurse.

    2008: With all the drama going on in our lives.. I wasn't surprised when I got the news I got. The twins were re doing the grade. I understood, and forgiven them.

    2009: I decided to let Andrew another chance, we go out together for 1 night. A few weeks later.. I learn the news that I was expecting quads. After that one night, I never saw Andrew again. It was a good thing, he did not deserve to be a father once again. I welcomed Emmeline Charlotte, Lucas Emmanuel, Samuel Elias and Landen Joseph into my crazy life.

    2010: I decided I needed a new ''set''. Me, and the family move to Quebec City, Canada.

    2011: The roads are very slippery. Paf, I get an accident! Its nothing major, a few painkillers and ill be fine. Thank fully, no kid was there.

    2012: I get a call from Andrew, he wants to come back with me, and have one last child, he says he very sorry. I say ''no'', and hang up. He did not talk to me for weeks after that.

    2013: After many years, me and the ''kid victims'', go back to court, as a family. Its time to put a close to this whole Theodore thing.

    2014: I get a one thing with this guy, he looked like the best guy in the universe. I ended up marrying him, later in the year, However he had made me pregnant of a little boy, not knowing it. We welcomed little Phoenix Josiah, my family was complete.
    ----Married Nicholas June

    2015: All the kids, would like one last sibling, we tell the they are not the ones who decide. They are sad, but they survive.

    2016: We buy a nice new car!

    The kids:
    Charles Alexander& Noah Allen (19)
    Alexandra Phoebe& Seraphina Lynn and Noelle Dominique (15)
    Emmeline Charlotte& Lucas Emmanuel and Landen Joseph (7)
    Phoenix Josiah (2)

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    DW: Lillian Claire
    DH: Adam Henry

    1997: Lillian goes back to school to study education.

    1998: Lillian and Adam have four baby boys: Benjamin Porter 'Ben', Theodore Isaac 'Ted', Oliver Noah, and Henry Thomas.

    1999: Lillian and Adam unexpectedly have twins: Evelyn Lucia 'Evie' and Owen Davis.

    2000: Lillian, Adam, Ben, Ted, Oliver, Henry, Evie, and Owen take a family vacation to Italy.

    2001: Lillian, Adam, Ben, Ted, Oliver, Henry, Evie, and Owen move to Boston, Massachusetts.

    2002: Lillian and Adam have twins: Amelia Claire and George Harry.

    2003: Lillian and Adam have three daughters and two sons: Charlotte Eloise 'Charlie', Jane Matilda, Louisa Violet, Elliot Oscar and Miles Jasper.

    2004: Lillian, Adam, Ben, Evie, and Louisa get into a car accident! Everyone is alright except for Ben's broken arm.

    2005: Lillian and Adam start having marital problems. After a few months break, they come together stronger.

    2006: Ben, Ted, Oliver, and Henry start requesting another sibling. Lillian and Adam say no, for now.

    2007: Amelia gets offered an acting contract. Lillian and Adam decide she is a bit too young.

    2008: Owen is asked to repeat the third grade. Lillian and Adam decide it is best for him.

    2009: Lillian and Adam have two sons and a daughter: William Jack 'Will', Nathaniel Patrick 'Nate', and Anna Caroline.

    2010: The family home is destroyed in an earthquake, but everyone is alright. It takes almost a year to rebuild, but this time there is enough space for everyone.

    2011: Lillian and Adam have a baby boy: Caleb Atticus.

    2012: Lillian and Adam have a baby boy: Jonah Levi.

    2013: Lillian and Adam take a family vacation to South Africa.

    2014: Lillian, Adam, Ben, Ted, Oliver, Henry, Evie, Owen, Amelia, George, Charlie, Jane, Louisa, Elliot, Miles, Will, Nate, Anna, Caleb, and Jonah adopt a black labrador puppy named Hazel.

    2015: Lillian's brother Jacob and his daughter Juliet Hannah come to live with the family.

    2016: The family moves into a new, enormous house to hold all 22 of them.

    DS/DS/DS/DS [18] Ben/Ted/Oliver/Henry
    DD/DS [17] Evie/Owen
    DD/DS [14] Amelia/George
    DD/DD/DD/DS/DS [13] Charlie/Jane/Louisa/Elliot/Miles
    DS/DS/DD [7] Will/Nate/Anna
    DS [5] Caleb
    DS [4] Jonah

    Uncle: Jacob Elijah
    Niece [7] Juliet

    Labrador: Hazel

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    DW: Annabel Imogen
    DH: Bradley Riordan

    1997: Annabel and Bradley go to Italy for a holiday.

    1998: Annabel gives birth to a quads; Hazel Miranda, Ingrid Margaret, Thaddeus Vincent and Maverick Wyatt.

    1999: Annabel's brother Lachlan comes to live with them while his house is being rebuilt after it was gutted by a fire.

    2000: Annabel's cousin Hannah has baby girl. Her name is Victoria Scarlett.

    2001: Hazel, Ingrid, Teddy and Maverick are outside playing when I hear the calling me. I go outside and find three kittens in the yard. We decide to keep them and the children name them Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz.

    2002: Hannah has another baby, this time a boy named Zachary Sawyer.

    2003: Annabel, Bradley, Hazel, Ingrid, Teddy, Maverick and Zachary go on a trip to Italy for 2 weeks. Everyone has a great time.

    2004: Annabel gives birth to triplet boys; Samuel Wesley, Atticus Alfred and Ernest Maximilian.

    2005: Annabel decides on a career change and becomes an accountant.

    2006: The family moves from Brisbane to Melbourne and into a larger house.

    2007: Annabel has an unexpected pregnancy. 3 months later, she gives birth to twin girls; Josephine Laurel and Clarissa Martha.

    2008: Hazel is offered an acting contract. After a lengthy discussion, we allow her to take up the offer. 6 months later, she gets a part in a children's TV show.

    2009: Bradley wishes to grow the family, but Annabel thinks they have enough children, but suggests they adopt. Bradley is happy with the idea and they get their names added to the waiting list.

    2010: Annabel and Bradley receive a phone call from the adoption agency to say they have a pair of twins have come up for adoption. They accept and fly out to China to meet the twins; Wenqian and Ruolan and bring them home. We rename with English first names and their Chinese names second; Frances Wenqian and Kathleen Ruolan.

    2011: Sam is offered an acting contract. We decide to let him act.

    2012: We buy a larger house to accommodate our growing family.

    2013: Annabel get pregnant with quads! The 3 girls and 1 boy are called Magnolia Summer, Estelle Vivian, Lilith Evangeline and Enoch Jensen.

    2014: Annabel and Bradley go on holiday to Adelaide for 5 days and leave the children with Annabel's brother and his wife.

    2015: Annabel has another set of triplets; Bethany Zara, Esther Madeleine and Arthur Gideon.

    2016: Bradley's father passes away at the age of 87. He is devastated, so Annabel goes to the funeral with him.

    Annabel and Bradley with:
    Hazel, Ingrid, Teddy & Maverick (18)
    Zachary (14)
    Sam, Atticus and Ernest (12)
    Josie & Clary (9)
    Frances & Kathleen (6)
    Maggie, Elle, Lilly & Enoch (3)
    Beth, Essie & Arthur (1)
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