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    Year 1: Baby - single boy - Elliot Christopher
    Year 2: Life Experience - DH and I go on a holiday to Ireland.
    Year 3: Life Experience - We buy two tortoises - Max and Dudley
    Year 4: Baby - single girl - Rosalie Vivienne
    Year 5: Life Experience - We buy a male Boxer named Beau
    Year 6: Baby - single boy - Arlo Nicholas
    Year 7: Life Experience - The family goes on a holiday to Hawaii.
    Year 8: Baby - twin girls - Evangeline Snow "Evie" and Sofia June "Sophie"
    Year 9: Life Experience - We buy a male Irish Wolfhound named Darby
    Year 10: Baby - single boy - Deacon Benjamin
    Year 11: Life Experience - The family goes on a holiday to London.
    Year 12: Life Experience - We buy five fish - Ziggy, Triton, Wendell, Wulfric, and River
    Year 13: Life Experience - DH and I go on a holiday to the Caribbean.
    Year 14: Baby - single boy - Colton Zachariah "Colt"
    Year 15: Life Experience - We buy a male beagle named Isaac

    Kids: Elliot, Rosalie, Arlo, Evie, Sophie, Deacon, and Colt
    Pets: Beau, Darby, Isaac, Max, Dudley, Ziggy, Triton, Wendell, Wulfric, and River
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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    Year 1: (3,6) Baby! Give birth to B/G twins, Kingston Shawn & Stella Marley
    Year 2: (4,3) Alicia Lae (niece) Oakley James (baby)
    Year 3: (2,1) Garret Daniel! He's 2!
    Year 4: (2,5) Finlay Charlotte (g) & Charlie Frank, newborns
    Year 5: (4,3) Caity Devyn and baby Campbell Brooke
    Year 6: (5,5) I get an infinity sign on the upper right side of my left fourth finger
    Year 7: (6,2) Mya Kai is 3
    Year 8: (1,5) We go on a family holiday to Kingston, Jamaica
    Year 9: (4,6) I have a baby girl named Bethany Lachey
    Year 10: (6,3) We buy a female yorkie named Princess
    Year 11: (5,2) I open a bookstore called EJ books
    Year 12: (5,6) We buy another dog, a male sheltie named Dudley
    Year 13: (6,1) We go back to Jamaica, but this time to Montego Bay
    Year 14: (1,3) We buy a Lamborghini for me! It's pink
    Year 15: (1,6) We have out last baby, a little boy named Beckett Cole

    We have 4 biological children, The twins born in year one (Kingston Shawn and Stella Marley), our daughter born in year 9 (Bethany Lachey), and our year 15 baby, Beckett Cole

    We have two nieces that became pregnant as teens and lived with us, in year two Alicia Lae came in and had a baby boy, Oakley James, and in year 5, Caity Devon comes to us and soon after has a beautiful daughter, Campbell Brooke.

    We adopted 4 kids, Garret Daniel, who was two at the time, from Africa was adopted in year 3, we adopted Canadian twins the year after, newborns Finlay Charlotte and Charlie Frank, our last adopted child was adopted in year 7, she was adopted at age 3 and her name is Mya Kai

    I have one tattoo, an infinity sign on my left ring finger, it is on the upper right interior.

    We holidayed only twice, both to Jamaica. We visited Kingston and Montego Bay.

    We have two dogs, a little female yorkie named Princess, and a male sheltie named Dudley.

    I own a bookstore called EJ Books

    We purchased a pink Lamborghini for me in year 14.


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    Me: Alicia Grace Coats
    DH: Joseph "Joe" Liam Coats

    2001: We win the Lottery! We win £50,000
    2002:Baby! A girl: Phoebe Acacia Coats
    2003:We buy a female beagle called Lola!
    2004: We open a English restaurant called Phoebe's
    2005:We adopt twin girls from America with AK initials. 10 year old Allie Kelly and Annie Kelsie
    2006: I am a guest star on a talk show! I talk about opening a family restaurant.
    2007:We all go on family vacation to Jamaica!
    2008:Baby! Twin Boys: Jayden Daniel and Kayden Reese
    2009:We move to a house in Manchester with 10 bedrooms!
    2010:We buy another dog! A male chocolate labrador called...Chocz
    2011:Your friends child gets put into care you adopt her. 11 yr old Skye Alexa
    2012:I appear on a talk show again! I talk about raising 6 kids but still being able to run a restaurant at the same time.
    2013:I get a tattoo! A love heart with all my children's initials on my left arm.
    2014: We go on a family vacation to Egypt,Africa!
    2015: Baby! Girl: Sophia Grace

    We have...
    Alicia and Joseph
    Allie and Annie, age {20}
    Skye, age {15}
    Phoebe, age {14}
    Kayden and Jayden , age {7}
    Sophia,age {1}
    Lola, age {12 1/2}
    Chocz, age { 5 1/2}
    Blessed with 2 little rascals:

    My Treacherous Twins

    Sadie Mae and Reagan Louisa

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    DW: Elizabeth Rose Smith
    DH: James Alexander Smith

    Year 1: Bess decides to open a clothes store with her two best friends from school Kitty and Lola. They decide to open a vintage boutique in London called The Treasure Trove.

    Year 2: Bess and James are delighted when they welcome a baby boy called Edward James.

    Year 3: The Smith family go on holiday to Greece for 3 weeks.

    Year 4: Bess and James adopt a 2 month old baby boy called Gregory Daniel.

    Year 5: The family go on holiday to Disney World for 3 weeks. The boys have a great time meeting all the characters.

    Year 6: Bess and James adopt 6 week old twin girls from the USA called Annabelle Selene and Amelia Scarlett.

    Year 7: Bess and James welcome a daughter Iris Matilda to the family.

    Year 8: Bess decides to open a bookstore called The Story Corner specialising children's books.

    Year 9: James' twin sister Kate is killed along with her husband Jack in a car accident. Luckily their son Tristan Michael 5 was not in the car when they crashed. Tristan comes to live with Bess and James and is immediately welcomed into the family.

    Year 10: The family go on holiday, this time they visit James' brother George and his family in Australia.

    Year 11: Bess and James are delighted when they find they are expecting again. Sadly they loose the baby. James decides to treat Bess to a holiday in Jamaica just the two of them.

    Year 12: Bess and James welcome another little girl to their family Romy Blythe.

    Year 13: Bess and James adopt a 9 month old little girl called Margot Kathryn from China.

    Year 14: Bess is a guest fashion presenter for a week on a breakfast morning show in London after one of the presenters comes into the boutique and loves the clothes.

    Year 15: James and Bess welcome boy/girl twins Henry George and Greer Evangeline to the family.

    Elizabeth Rose Smith 40 and James Alexander Smith 42
    Edward James Smith 13
    Gregory Daniel Smith 11
    Tristan Michael Henley-Smith 11
    Annabelle Selene Smith and Amelia Scarlett Smith 9
    Iris Matilda Smith 8
    Romy Blythe Smith 3
    Margot Kathryn Smith 2
    Henry George Smith and Greer Evangeline Smith NB

    Bess, James, Teddy, Greg, Tristan, Annie, Millie, Iris, Romy, Margot, Henry and Greer.
    Girls: June Rosalie, Clio Genevieve, Mabel Juliet, Greer Vivienne, Iris Lucia, Margot Laura, Sylvie Maeve, Ingrid Scarlett, Florence Pearl, Lara Josephine

    Boys: Christopher David 'Kit', Maxwell Jude 'Max', Edward Stephen 'Teddy', Rex Kingston, Frederick Oscar 'Freddie', Gilbert Leo 'Gil', Gideon Felix, Hugo James, Tristan Josiah, Ivan George.

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    Northern Ireland
    Year 1} Life Expierience! we buy a new car - Mitsubishi 4x4
    Year 2} Life Expierience! We buy a female Siberian Husky called Saska
    Year 3} Life Expierience! We relocate to Orlando , florida , Usa
    Year 4} Life Expierience! We adopt Twin B/G from Ireland Fionn Cormac & Clodagh Faith
    Year 5} Life Expierience! We go on holiday to Spain
    Year 6} Life Experience! We move out of our 2 bedroom house to a 6 bedroom house
    Year 7} Life Expierience! We buy a dog Male german Shepard called Cesar
    Year 8} Life Expierience! DH 17 year old niece Peyton Grace falls pregnant with baby girl Piper Adelaide we take them in
    Year 9} Life expierience! We go on business trip with brother in law and open a bar in Orange county called Pints
    Year 10} life expierience! we buy a shorthair cat called Sophie
    Year 11} Life Experience! We win the lottery 250, 000
    Year 12} Life Expierience! we go on holiday to Hawaii
    Year 13} Life Expierience! My sister dies and leaves her 3 year old son Lucas Sebastian
    Year 14} Life Expierience! We adopt a 5 year old girl from China called Mia Kamiko
    Year 15} Life Expierience! we adopt a 9 Year old boy from Africa called Gideon Daniel


    DW: Lydia Louise
    DH: Levi Jude
    DHN: Peyton Grace (24)
    AS/AD: Fionn Cormac / Clodagh Faith (13)
    AS: Gideon Daniel (9)
    DHN: Piper Adelaide (7)
    AD: Mia Kamiko (6)
    DWN: Lucas Sebastian (5)
    I am a 19 year old girl called Niamh Clare

    I am Irish and proud to be

    I love names...and thinking about future babies

    Nephew born May 18th 2017 - Kaiden Lochlan

    My Name List -

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