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    What do you think of same start letter for siblings??

    We are currently trying for number 2, our first child is Ella. I relly like lots of names that start with E but think when put together it may sound a bit ott?? Really like Evie, Eliot and Estelle for girls and Evan, Ethan and Euan for boys. Bit much or ok??

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    For me, it is one of my worst pet peeves about names. I can't stand it when I see a Alex, Anna, Amelia, and Aria. It just annoys me so much, and I don't think I really have a reason why.

    Name your children what you want, since they are yours, but it is just my opinion.

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    I don't think it's that big of a deal if it's a name you love and doesn't sound too similar, or lend itself to the same nickname. So with Ella I would stay away from Elliot and Estelle because they both have that strong 'el' sound. But I could see Ella and Evie because they have totally different sounds
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    I don't like Eliot for a girl, with this spelling, and with sister Ella. Way too much.
    Estelle is better, but Ella and Estelle? Too much of the Elle sound which I like, but not all these Elle names together.
    Evie is better especially if you pronounce it like Eve and not Evelyn.
    Euan is really cool (I like it with the Ewan spelling.) It could definitely work. So could Evan and Ethan.
    So in general your boys names are really cool and would go nicely with Ella (particularly Euan). I would work on the girls names. Is there a reason you only like E names?
    Here are some great non E names:
    Ava, Vivian nn Vivi, Molly, Abigail nn Abby, Collette, Gillian/Jillian, Hayley, Holly, Isla, Juliet, Calliope, Lillian nn Lilly, Phillipa nn Pippa, Violet, Octavia, and Tallulah nn Tally or Lulu.

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    No not just E names. We have a long list!!! Seem to be a few E ones on there mainly from oh!. I prefer short names. Ava is ok and i love Pearl but oh says no...
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