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    Quote Originally Posted by eshelby View Post
    The Bond-ishness is my reservation about Séverine! Though I like it I don't know if I am willing to go that far with the Bond style! Its a bit too much I think. Have always loved Beatrix so thanks for another push toward that. Ingrid is actually another we have discussed......hmmm...
    It would get VERY Bond-ish with Séverine (it almost calls for a third girl, Strawberry (Fields) or Camille (Montes), to complete a full circle of Bond girls (or women, as I believe they're called now) from the Daniel Craig era) Vesper and Ingrid are two of my favourite names, so obviously I think it's a gorgeous sibset.
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    Merida came to mind. Vesper and Merida connect based on a fantasy story I have mulling around in my noggin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surpriseme View Post
    Of the ones mentioned, I like Persephone, Odette, and Astrid.

    As soon as I read the question, I thought my daughter's name would go well with a Vesper. But I hesitated to suggest it, because that might be a little evangelical or something. Anyway, try it on for size: Vesper and Cosima. Cosima means order/harmony and universe, and that to me feels just like an evening prayer, without being at all matchy.
    I have mentioned Cosima to my husband a couple times- I do like it a lot. Do you have any nicknames you call your daughter (related to her name Cosima, of course!)??

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    Quote Originally Posted by owlett View Post
    We also have a Vesper who is expecting a little sibling in the next few months. We have Petra and Verity on our list, too! Have you considered Aurelia? It's another solidly Latin name which sounds similar to Aurora.

    We don't get Bond references very often. Sadly, what we do get is "why'd you name yet kid after a motorcycle?" Alas, they constantly hear Vespa *facepalm*

    Good luck!
    Congratulations! We have considered Aurelia--DH just hears "rail ya" hes says. I still think its beautiful. My husband does like Verity a lot though- I like it, but its just not my favorite.
    On the Vespa reference- we have heard that once or twice but try to quickly correct it. Would love to hear your others choices- we don't know if it is a boy or a girl so we are also throwing boys names around but boys seem to be much easier.

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    I love Vesper and Petra and Vesper and Aurora.
    Have you thought about Aurelie or Aurelia? I think both of these are very pretty and go well with Vesper. I would stay away from other V names, because it's a bit too matchy. Love the name Vesper! Added it to my own personal name list.

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