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    Ugh, DH came up with the worst stuff. His worst suggestions included Olie (Oh-lee, for a girl) and Strong (boy).

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    My husband had some interesting suggestions for our twins. Thor and Loki (although I'm not sure how serious that was) as well as any number of more subtle comic book references For example since there have been 3 generations of the Flash and the first one was Jay (his name) he wanted to use Barry and Wally which were the alternate names for the second and third Flash(s) (How do you even write multiple The Flash??)
    Once I pried him away from comic names his list included: Cory, Virgil, Dorian, Seth, Reynard, Anansi, Eli, Miles, Calvin (Most of which I detest) as well as Darren, Garath, Victor, Percy and Blake. (although I bet some of those are comic references and I just didn't realize it!)
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    lol, I always love reading these.

    I don't have a significant other at the moment, but the last time I asked my brother (who is now 22), he said he'd name a daughter Lulu (which is adorable, I think! Except I would hope he had the good sense to give her a proper full name, like Lucy, Luella, or Louisa...) and a son Jack Bauer (a total joke prompted by the question would he have a John Robert, IV). But he really doesn't take names seriously yet...
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    Luis and Annabeth. He's so random sometimes, although Annabeth isn't so bad.
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    James Gordon (happens to be The Commissioner's name from Batman! and yes, why he lurves it, as well a connection to a good friend) or Ephraim Alexander for a boy.

    Penelope Jane or Eloise Jane for a girl.

    I like his choices because truthfully, I suggested some form of them initially (the man is a sweetheart but never has name suggestions, only vetoes!) but I would likely fuss with them a bit and maybe change a middle name or two or something.
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