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    Name suggestions please for my story!?

    I need some name suggestions for.a.few of my characters in a YA romance/mystery novel I am writing.

    My MC is named Mary-Charlotte Benson age 17 but she prefers for her friends to call her Charlie.

    Her best friend is a closeted gay half black half Latino from Texas. He is a member of his schools robotics club and has a deep love of fixing anything he can get his hands on.

    I need a name for a middle aged man who is an avid gun collector.

    A Korean American family.

    A name for an Irish catholic mother.

    A teenage flower child.

    Every one of you wondering why I am asking for all these names; the answer is I have everything mapped out but my characters don't like their names.
    >.> I've renamed all of them and none of the names make us remotely happy.

    I just need suggestions.

    Its driving me crazy.

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    When I name characters, I always have to remember that their parents named them. So while it's important that it suit them and their personalities, what would their parents have picked?

    Her best friend is a closeted gay half black half Latino from Texas. He is a member of his schools robotics club and has a deep love of fixing anything he can get his hands on. Idris, Bastien, Cayo, Jaime, Quinton (nn Quin or Q), Gerard, Marcus, Xavier, Michael/Mikel.

    I need a name for a middle aged man who is an avid gun collector. Bob Cross, Ron Lowry, Lawrence Winslow (nn Larry or Law).

    A Korean American family. You mean the last name?

    A name for an Irish catholic mother. Roisin Monroe, Sinead Martins, Mary/Maire Durney, Niamh Francis.

    A teenage flower child. Honey, Luz, Tamsin, Amaryllis, Jade or something stuffier her parents picked (Anne, Alice, Patricia, etc)

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    Sounds like a crazy, cool story

    Best friend (I really like the suggestions that ellenelle listed above, but here's some more): Travis, Jerome, Eric, Tomas, Thatcher, Joel, Elizar, Jonathan, David, Matteo, Deven, Abel, Spencer, Christopher (optional nn Chris), Hector, Atticus, Sawyer

    Gun collecter (I might also give him like a funny nickname like "the General" or something, I dunno...): Bruce, Bryce, John, Jack, Tom, Brett, Nick, (one-syllable masculine names). Last names: Lawrence, Carter, Nickerson (don't use if using Nick, obv)

    I have two Korean friends, and their last names are Park and Lee, if that's what you need. As for names, if they're Korean-American, than I wouldn't choose Korean specific names like Hye and Sena. Below I've listed male and female names of Asian Americans I know, since I don't know their personalities. Many Asian Americans have an "American name" like Caroline, and then a separate name relating to their culture.
    Female: Ann, Stephanie, Kristen nn Kristie, Joy, Lynn/Lin, Dorian nn Dori, Marian, Regina, Alexa, Maddie, Caleigh (pn Kaylie), June, Avalon, Diana, Vivian, Lea, Courtney, Gretchen, Berenice, Christina nn Tina, Amanda, Janet, Amy, Amber, Jenny, Ness, Kaitlyn, Shannon, Tara, Maggie, Crystal, Larissa, Connie, Angela,
    Male: Clement, Sebastian, Anthony, Dillon, Clay, Alexander, Ken, Christopher nn Chris, Calvin, Wesley, Matthew, Perry, Ray, Ivan, Austin, Kevin, Christian, Jeremy, Jordan, Andrei, Kameron, Winston, Augustin, Steven

    Is there a distinct difference between those names and others? Not really. However, there seem to be some patterns. I know six Vivians, and all of them are part Asian. For some reason, many of these names were many names popular in the 70s, crudely defined as "mom names," and lots of hard and clear consonants (C, K, S, R, J).
    For boys, the less-common traditional names (Christopher, Anthony, Steven) and the -on, -in and -an suffixes (Winston, Austin, Kevin, Kameron, Ivan, Augustin) seem to have the majority of the names here.
    If you don't end up using any of these names, I hope I have inspired you somewhat thematically...

    Irish Catholic (I searched another baby-naming website for Irish names, and weeded the less common ones in favor of ones a smothering mother might have...when in doubt, you can always opt for your traditional Catholic names like Mary, et. al.): Allison, Aileen, Breanne, Bridget, Cadence, Caitlin, Callie, Carol, Casey, Christie, Catherine, Kathleen, Colleen, Coreen (nn Corey, Cora, etc), Erin, Kerry, Megan, Matilda, Margaret, Reagan, Shawn, Tanya

    Flower Child (obviously, you could go down a flowery path, but I would try something subtly nature-y that's not obvious but still plays into the flower-child personality, or at least lesser-known flower names that you can disguise with a nickname): Aspen, Garnet, Willow, Sage, Ivy, Wren, Leonie, Hazel, Brook, Magnolia nn Maggie, Lark, Bryony, Laurel, Anise, Bay, Skye, Cassia nn Cassie, Rosemary

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