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    New Jersey, USA

    Twin brothers for Helena Beatrix

    Hello, Berries! We are expecting twin boys in just a few weeks. Could you help us with twin pairings and first/middle combos, as well as suggest other names that we might like, from our list?

    Here are our constraints/criteria:
    First, family significance is very important to us, and nearly every name on our list is a family name or has some other personal significance. However, we are all right with a pretty loose definition of this—my husband’s family names after family members by just using the same first letter, which gives a lot of room for creativity.

    Second, our last name is pronounced like LIN-sen-my-er, so names that are really long and don’t have a nickname, names that begin with L or end in L, or names that end in er don’t work well. And nothing too German.

    Third, we’d rather not have a top 100 name. We prefer names from 300-600, but of course the meaning is more important to us than popularity, and especially if the name is a classic and/or has a less-used nickname we would consider it. (We realize there are three Top 100 names on our list.)

    Here’s our annotated list:
    Felix -- Love this name, especially the meaning, but the family significance is a stretch. We like that this name is fairly international, too—seems like it travels well. Is it about to be trendy?
    Maxwell – Very significant family meaning, but I’m really worried about popularity, especially since he’d go by Max. Seems like there’s a little Max in every music class and at every children’s museum.
    Clark – After my birthplace, and love the popularity level--recognizable but not popular. Too serious?
    James – After my father. Again, worried about popularity, and we don’t like the nickname options. DH won't go for Jem.
    Floyd – DH and I both love this but we realize nobody else does. Has family meaning and definitely isn’t too popular, but we’re worried it’s too “old man” and would either be a burden to our little guy, or seem like we are trying too hard.
    Edward nn Ned – After my mom’s adoptive family. Nice but maybe just something missing?

    Considering for the middle only:
    Robert – DH’s father and my mom’s father.
    Constant – very old family name on my mom’s side. We like this with Felix in the middle for the other twin since they are both virtue-ish names.
    Huxley – Brave New World had a significant role in the start of my relationship with DH.
    Evan – DH’s birthplace, but maybe a little too trendy for us.

    He likes, I’m not sure about: Theodore, Philip, Jared

    I like, he’s not crazy about: Sebastian, Ezekiel nn Zeke, Jethro, Ezra, Thaddeus, Wallace

    We both like, but they don’t go with our last name or we can’t use for other reasons: Oscar, Linus, Lionel, Ethan, Micah, Jesse, Walter

    Our girl list, just in case: Florence, Gwendolen, Genevieve, Elizabeth nn Libby, Rose

    Thanks so much for reading, and thanks in advance for your help! With our daughter we had a lot of fun choosing a name, but with these boys we’ve had a rough pregnancy plus an international move in the third trimester, and have barely thought about names. Big sister is Helena Beatrix, and goes by Lena almost exclusively. Don’t know if our sons will look like her or not, but she has wild light brown ringlets, olive skin, and large hazel eyes with long lashes. (We are trying to picture boy versions of her, in naming.)

    Appreciate combo advice, comments on any of our list, or other suggestions based on our list. Thanks again!
    Helena Beatrix (Lena) age 3

    Twin BOYS due 5/14/13

    Current list: Walter, James, Felix, Clark, Maxwell, Edward, Thaddeus, Floyd, Sebastian, Oscar, Evan, Theodore, Huxley

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    Just looking at your list, I am drawn to Theodore and Sebastian as names for your boys - they kind of waved at me as I read you post.
    I also like the way all three sound when said together - Helena, Theodore and Sebastian (Lena, Theo and Sevvie/Bastian?) I taught a little boy in preschool named Sebastian called Sevvie and always thought it was cute.

    Helena Beatrix
    Theodore Constant (or Robert)
    Sebastian Felix (or Edward)

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    I know twin name alliterations are not hugely popular here, but I just came up with the most adorable pair of names from your lists that I personally love I also think they pair well with Helena Beatrix.

    Felix Constant and Floyd Huxley

    All three children would have an X someplace in their names. Felix and Helena share the L sound in the 2nd syllable. Felix and Floyd obviously share the F. And Floyd Huxley and Helena Beatrix have the X's in their second names. They are all balanced without being match.

    Anyway, most people don't like twins to start with the same letter, but I think Felix and Floyd would make an amazing pair. It makes me want to try for boy twins the next time around

    I really like your taste in names, too.
    Mama to Desmond Sanders

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdsurfmama View Post
    I love this idea!

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    Thanks so much for the thoughtful input, everybody! This is a huge help.

    First, we are surprised and pleased that there is some support for Floyd—I’m not sure we’d use it with another F name (DH is very reluctant) but it’s good to know that not everyone finds it completely ridiculous. And we both love the combos you picked, sdsurfmama. Thanks—that pair is going on our list.

    We are also surprised to see so much support for Huxley. We do like, as lexiem mentioned, the idea of all three kids’ names having an x somewhere in them as a subtle link to each other. We don’t plan to have more kids so we probably won’t have to worry about a fourth x name if we do go that route.

    Lots of support for Felix and Maxwell as a set, and we like it, too—is it too Jolie-Pitt to have two boys with x’s in their names? I especially like Felix Robert and Maxwell James—lots of symmetry but not too matchy.

    We also like lizzard21’s combo of Clark and Felix as brothers—are they too different, though? Clark feels so serious, and Felix seems a little trendier, maybe mischievous.

    Maxwell Robert and Edward Huxley are also great, invisiblestudent—Max and Ned would be good brothers for Lena, I think.

    One thing that’s bugging me a little is that we have a lot of two-syllable names on our list, which gives us a lot of combos that are 2-2-4. Obviously, since our daughter is 3-3-4, rhythm isn’t our main priority, but for some reason the 2-2 bothers me a little more. How hard should we try for it to be 2-1 or 1-2? Does anyone besides me think the 2-2-4 rhythm sounds funny?

    Thanks for the suggestions, too! We really like Alfred, Calvin, and Julian (this could substitute for James, for us, because the James we’d be naming after was named after a Julius). We’d be open to Julius, too. I love August, Arthur, and Seth, but DH doesn’t. He likes Gordon a lot, but I have a bad association unfortunately.

    Would love to hear more opinions, and have people weigh in on the questions above . We are working on getting a short list of combos/twin pairings, and I will post it as soon as we can narrow it down a little.
    Helena Beatrix (Lena) age 3

    Twin BOYS due 5/14/13

    Current list: Walter, James, Felix, Clark, Maxwell, Edward, Thaddeus, Floyd, Sebastian, Oscar, Evan, Theodore, Huxley

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