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    Wink Naming Style Name Quiz!

    DD #1:
    First name: What letter does your first name start with?
    A-E: Seraphina
    F-J: Jenna
    K-O: Katherine
    P-T: Lola
    U-Z: Penelope

    Middle name: Which celeb kid has the best name?
    Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt: Saskia
    Prince George Alexander Louis: Wren
    Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck: Elliot
    Blue Ivy Carter: Quinn
    Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf-Lee: Daphne
    Suri Cruise: Tara
    I can't decide!: Annabelle

    DS #1:
    First name: How many kids do you want total?
    0-1: Griffin
    2-3: Archer
    4-5: Jonah
    6-7: Everett
    8+: Preston

    Middle name: What is your favorite nature name from these?
    Lark: Oliver
    River: Donovan
    Birch: Jack
    Sage: William
    Asher: Alexander
    Cedar: Michael
    Aspen: Raphael
    Briar: Steven

    DD #2:
    First name: How many favorite names do you have for girls?
    1-3: Alison
    4-7: Emerson
    8-10: Piper
    11-14: Willa
    15-20: Vivian
    21+ Sydney

    Middle name: How many favorite names do you have for boys?
    1-3: Darcy
    4-7: Harlow
    8-10: Rachel
    11-14: Arabella
    15-20: Chloe
    21+: Diana

    DS #2:
    First name: Which of these best describes your naming style for boys?
    Unisex: James
    Classic: Ryder
    Trendy: Quincy
    Modern: Austen
    Nature: Seth
    Foreign: Bruno
    Unique: Kieran

    Middle name: Which of these best describes your naming style for girls?
    Unisex: Teal
    Classic: Robin
    Trendy: Reed
    Modern: Ulysses
    Nature: Indigo
    Foreign: Stone
    Unique: Christopher

    DD #3:
    First name: Which of these top 10 girl names (U.S.A.) do you get most tired of hearing?
    Sophia- Sophina
    Emma- Estella
    Olivia- Liv
    Isabella- Ariadne
    Mia- Mariah
    Ava- Avery
    Lily- Lila
    Zoe- Xena
    Emily- Kayla
    Chloe- Reese

    Middle name: Which of these top 10 boy names (U.S.A.) do you get the most tired of hearing?
    Jackson- Caroline
    Aiden- Harper
    Liam- Alexandra
    Lucas- Issa
    Noah- Lana
    Mason- Cassandra
    Jayden- Gianna
    Ethan- Ember
    Jacob- Hadley
    Jack- Marissa

    DS #3:
    First name: Which of these popular trends do you hate the most?
    Boy names on girls: Darius
    Cre8tyve spellings: Sawyer
    -Ayden names: Elijah
    Place names: Thomas
    Word names: Kyle
    Virtue names: Nolan

    Middle name: Which of these popular trends are you guilty of performing at least once?
    Boy names on girls: Dustin
    Cre8tyve spellings: Hunter
    -Ayden names: Julian
    Place names: Isaiah
    Word names: Gregory
    None, I'm a perfect human being (yeah right): Patrick

    DD: Seraphina Elliot
    DS: Everett William
    DD: Piper Harlow
    DS: Austen Reed
    DD: Avery Hadley
    DS: Sawyer Hunter
    Abby|17|Writer|Competitive Dancer|Class of 2017

    Saskia Brynn | Lyra Simone | Twyla Isabel | Geneva Sophie "Evie" | Arliss Zoe
    Seraphina Lily "Phin" | Elsa Leilani | Azula Charlotte "Zuzu" | Neve Ariana


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    Kaiser Bowen | Alexander Flynn | Peyton Foster | Finnick Avery | Grayson Stellan

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    DD1: Seraphina Quinn
    DS1: Archer William
    DD2: Emerson Harlow
    DS2: Austen Reed
    DD3: Aridane Gianna
    DS3: Sawyer Isaiah

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