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    Adam, Max, and ...

    Hello all!

    I'm expecting my third child and looking for a name! I'm mostly on here looking for a girl's name (which I have posted in the girl's forum) but I suppose while I'm around I could get opinions on my boy's names as well. I have two sons, Adam and Max and would like a name that goes nicely with them.

    I'm currently considering Sean, Ian, or Ryan for this baby if he's a boy. Thoughts? If you're not a fan what would you pair with Adam and Max? Middle name is still up for debate, but possibly Christopher or Robert (POSSIBLY).

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    Adam, Max, and . . .

    Owen, Evan, Luke, Liam, Noah, Jack, Cole, Caleb, Connor, Ivan, Levi, Oliver, Shane, Simon, etc. to name some shorter ones. I personally like Sean the best with Adam and Max, but Ryan and Ian are both great names as well!

    Ian Christopher, Sean Robert, and Ryan Christopher would be my suggestions.
    Oliver Robert (ADORABLE), Owen Christopher, Jack Christopher, Connor Robert, Simon Christopher are my favorite suggestions.

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    I love Adam and Max! Both are classic, but not overused. I love Ian and think it would work nicely.

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    From your list: Adam, Max and Ian.

    Adam, Max, and...
    Owen, Tristan, Wes, Eli

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    I think Adam, Max and Evan would be lovely!

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