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    Don't we have plenty of threads like this? What's up with all of the negativity?

    It was Katie Scarlett O'Hara.
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    My cringe worthy:

    Olive - Just go with Olivia, popularity be damned! Olive is her ugly cousin. Or you can name your baby Pickle or Jalapeno if you really want something uncommon...

    Alexis - Overused where I live to the point of ridiculousness. It is a nice name, and I would love it otherwise. Some of the french families get mad if you pronounce it ah-LEK-sis and they will correct you that it is ah-lek-SEE, which gets annoying.

    Bella/Ella/Elle/Ellie/Belle type names - Again because of overuse. I had a cat named Bella years ago. I loved the name and would have considered using it for a daughter. Now I wouldn't even use it on a goldfish. Like Alexis they are lovely names, but I can't stand them anymore. Every other little girl I meet is an Ella or Bella. It takes everything I have inside me to say "Ah! How nice!" when I meet them, when I really just want to say "of course it is...". Some of my other favorites names like Elowen and Elizabeth have lost some of their appeal because I fear the dreaded Ella nickname!
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    I really love Clementine!

    Mine would be unisex names like Taylor and Riley and Occupation names like Harper (Taylor) and Sawyer. I also really dislike hippy dippy names like River and Rain and Savannah, title names like Princess and Duchess and luxary goods like Diamond and Mercedes. Not a fan of names like Brienne, Rihanna, Ritienne, Jordan, Kayleigh, Mkayla, Mckenzie etc

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    Faux - unisex names like Riley or Addison on girls or surnames on girls, especially Sloane, I think Sloane is probably the single most ugly name anyone has ever decided to saddle a girl with. I also intensely dislike ones like Waverly, Everly, Sutton.....Sutton is right up there on the ugly scale with Sloane, honestly.

    I also hate the whole -lyn / -ly trend. Tacking on lyn or ly/lie/lee/leigh is just ridiculous and juvenile.

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