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    Personally I love alliteration, and yes it does kinda sound like a comic book character (a La Pepper Potts, Peter Parker, Lex Luther, Clark Kent etc.) But it works and makes a name memorable. So I guess I don't see it as a bad thing, plus the newest American Idol is Phillip Phillips, and I don't think he has any lingering trauma from his name.....

    So really my advice is just go with what you love, if you love Jennifer, than I think that's the name you should go with!
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    Knowing someone named Benjamin (Ben) Benson, I wouldn't suggest using Jennifer Jensen unless you commit to Jennifer and not Jen. He always gets a comment about it and really gets sick of them.

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    Thank you, berries!

    I also like alliteration. Jennifer Jensen does kind of sound like a comic book name to me, but I kind of like that. We could use it as a middle, too, but I'm finding it hard to get the "flow" right with syllables. It seems to work best as a first, rhythmically.

    I don't know if we'll use it or not. I just wanted to see if it horrified too many people, then I'd cross it off and be done with it. But even if the votes are 50/50, I'll keep it on there. Who knows if we'll be able to agree on anything else!

    The next problem will be finding a boy name to go with it (we're expecting boy/girl twins!). While I like fn/ln alliteration, I don't like matchy matchy sib-sets. Especially for twins. But that's another problem for another post.

    More opinions are welcome!

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    She may get the Jen-Jen nn. But I dont totally hate the combo.
    My SO's mother is named Jennifer also and she is an amazing woman so I considered it for a middle with both of my girls. But being a child of the 80s just couldnt bring myself to go through with it in the end.
    I really love the name Genevieve which is a form of Jennifer but a bit more updated.
    In the end I found a name that sounds nothing like it but is related to her profession. That way we honor her without having to fall back on her name itself.
    There's tons of options out there! But go with what you LOVE!
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    I'm not a fan of Jennifer Jensen. I think alliterative names like Jessica Jensen and Juniper Jensen are great and memorable, but it's a fine line and Jennifer Jensen is a bit much. Plus, I think the world has quite enough Jennifers- it's sort of the name that everyone goes to as the common name they want to avoid, as in "I love Ava but I don't want it to become another Jennifer."

    That said, I think ____ Jennifer Jensen could work. Someone suggested Guinevere, which is nice, and Ginevra is the Italian form. Ginevra Jensen is still kind of matchy, but there's no potential for Jen Jensen there and the name is a bit less dated. Some suggestions if you want to go with Jennifer as a middle (without knowing your general style):
    Leah Jennifer Jensen
    Sophia Jennifer Jensen
    Eloise Jennifer Jensen
    Maya Jennifer Jensen
    Maeve Jennifer Jensen
    Aurora Jennifer Jensen
    Michaela Jennifer Jensen
    Zoe Jennifer Jensen

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