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    Apr 2013
    I want 3 or 4 not sure yet
    DS Aiden Blake
    DD + DD Twins Alexandria May & Aliya Winter
    Surprise baby DD Adelaide Marie or DS Ashton Reed
    Alexandra | Aliya | Annabelle | Sophia | Sydney
    Adam | Noah | Zachariah | Zayn

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    Mar 2013
    I want 2 or 3 children.
    With my fiance's input the names would be:

    Asher Wolf
    Fiona Annelise
    Marin Christina

    One more:

    Owen Zachary

    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

    Beckett | Jude | Nolan | Dalton | Max | Finn | Teague | Bram | Otis | Ari | Calvin
    Jane | Alice | Naomi | Fiona | Georgia | Gwyneth | Thea | Aviva
    Elena 'Laney' | Bridget | Cordelia | Evadne | Shea

    Carly & Zach ::💙 Ezra Wolf Z. 💙:: Born 4-29-16
    Boy #2 due 01-06-18

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    Nov 2012
    Well, in theory I'd like four, but I'll probably only have two. I know DH strictly only wants two (something about replacement fertility...humph!) and in practice I probably wouldn't be able to handle more than three at max. Two would make me very, very happy.

    If a boy and a girl: Ivo Marcellus for the boy, after my father and (loosely) after my maternal grandfather. For a girl, I would use something that begins with a 'C' to commemorate my mother. Cordelia Mathilde? Cecily Delphine? Cosima Lucette? Don't know.

    A second girl would probably be Eulalie, a family name on my DH's side that I love. Eulalie Claire maybe?
    A second boy, hmm, I don't know. DH likes Calvin a lot and if we don't have a girl already it could still honor my mother. So, while it's not my favorite name, I think I would use it. I also really like Marius and Remy.
    After two years of trying and one miscarriage,
    Due July 2017 with #1!

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    Mar 2013
    Pacific NW
    I find it extraordinarily unlikely that I'll have children, and am really pretty okay with that.

    If it happened, though: James Garrett or Everleigh Audrey.

    I have a lengthy reserve list, but they will not be getting used.

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    Mar 2013
    Wolverhampton, England
    I would like to have 4 kids.

    I would name them:
    Chloe Grace
    Madeline Amelia
    Liam Easton
    Niall James
    🌠I'm Hermione and I'm 21 years old and I love names and One Direction.

    Girl Names: Felicity Anne, Daphne Gwyneth, Meredith Grace, Aria Elizabeth, and Ingrid Michelle

    Boy Names: Ronan Asher, Noah Thomas, Ezra James, Stephen Cole, and Elijah Aaron

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