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    Wolf... For a girl?!

    I really like the name Wolf / Wolfe for a boy, however in a Name Game I recently played on this site I named a daughter Wolf with the nickname "Wolfie" and surprised myself at how much I liked it. Is it too cute to work in real life. Unusable on a girl? Or unusable altogether on either gender? (Also Wolf or Wolfe? Leaning towards Wolfe because it seems more femimine). Thanks
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    I see it more as a nickname/pet name for a child. As a first name (for either gender) is a little too weird.

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    There's Ylva ("YOOL-vah") Old Norse, means "she-wolf" apparently.

    I like Wolf/Wolfe in the middle spot for a girl. You could still get away w/Wolf or Wolfie as a nick. But as a first name, no.
    Melody, Georgina, and Wolf? Hm.

    I've always liked the name Wallenda (as in The Flying Wallendas!) It could almost work as a full name for Wolfie, especially with the right F middle name.

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    I don't care for it for either sex but especially not for a girl. Sorry.

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    I think the best bet for using Wolf would be choosing a name where you can use Wolf as the nickname. Wilhemina? Wolcott? I also for some reason really like Wolf spelled Wolfe better.
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