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    Red face Middle Name Suggestion(s) for Veronica

    OK, so we've bagged Beatrice, nixed Margot, and are back to Veronica -- and gosh darnit, we're sticking with it (or else, and I mean that!). Please, can you give us some fun suggestions for middle names for Veronica? We're open to anything; we're not interested in double middle-names. We're thinking (hoping?) that a the right combination will make our choice of Veronica seem/feel fresh and current. Thank you for your help!

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    Veronica is one of my all-time favorites! Veronica Margot would be great if you're open to the idea of Margot as a middle, but some other combos I like are:

    Veronica Chloe
    Veronica Circe
    Veronica Danae
    Veronica Daphne
    Veronica Eden
    Veronica Juno
    Veronica Lark
    Veronica Phoebe
    Veronica Quinn
    Veronica Simone
    Veronica Snow
    Veronica Tanith
    Veronica Teagan
    Veronica Winter
    Veronica Zoe

    Heh, I really like Veronica with Greek mythological names...
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    Thanks so much! This helps a lot! Do you happen to know any modern names that would go great with this?
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