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    How does Emmett Nichol sound?

    Emmett is my favourite for a boy at the minute. Nichol would be honouring, said like 'nickle' rather than Nicole. It's a Scottish surname although the specific person it's honouring used it as a middle name, and went by 'Nick'.
    I'm considering changing this to Nicholas (Emmett Nicholas?), though, which would also honour a Colin in my family. I do love Nicholas too, but then I feel it misses the point and looses the history of it as a surname. What do you think? Other middle names I've thought about, which honour family, are Alec and Jack, but they don't flow particularly well with their harsher endings.

    Also, I've played around with adding a second middle name too - my favourites all starting with W for some reason...
    Emmett Wilfred Nichol
    Emmett Winston Nichol
    Emmett Nichol(as) Wolf
    Emmett Wilbur Nicholas

    So what do you think? All opinions are welcomed, and I'd love for you to just throw some combos at me for Emmett with the names mentioned, or not mentioned if you have other ideas. Thank you, Berries !
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    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

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    Emmett Nichol works well, but people will probably pronounce it Nicole, so I would definitely make it Emmett Nicholas as this could honor more than one person. In the same vein, what about Emmett Cole or Emmett Collin instead? Emmett Winston Nichol is my favorite 3 name combination from the above.

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    I would go with Emmett Nicholas. When I look at Nichol I can't not think Nicole. I like Emmett Nicholas Wolf if you're considering two middles.

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    I also prefer Emmett Nicholas. Maybe Emmett Nichols rather than Nichol which instantly makes me think of Nicole... somehow the s does seem to help but I still prefer Emmett Nicholas. For 3 names I like Emmett Nicholas Wolf.

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