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    Quinn for a boy?

    Is Quinn unusual to use for a boy these days? Our #1 choice for a girl name for this baby was actually Penelope Quinn, but I know two friends who have toddler sons named Quinn.

    I don't mind unisex names in the least as my son is Rhys, and pronunciation-wise, it is suitable for either gender. I just don't know if Quinn is one of those names being taken over by the girls.

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    I know two teens named Quinn, one a boy and one a girl. I prefer it for a boy, but think it is one that works for both genders.
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    I know only one Quinn and he's a boy and I think it's nicer on boys.

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    I know a girl Quinn but I can just as easily see if on a boy.

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    I really prefer Quinn on a boy. I think it is a great name.

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