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    Bennett - so handsome. Theoretically I love it - if it weren't for that kid I went to MS with.
    Beau - Beau is interesting. I like that it's soft and round but I've yet to meet one that wasn't a duchy womanizer.
    Eli - Eli is cute. I prefer it as a nn for Elijah or Elias but that's mostly because I like longer names.
    Owen - I love Owen/Eoin. Almost made my top 10 except it sounds weird in German.
    Alden - meh.
    Edward - So handsome. I have a fixation with Edwin at the moment. Equally recognizable but probably going to be a bit less popular with the Twilight generation.
    Edmund - Edmund is gorgeous.
    Andrew - it's my SO's name so I associate it with all things great. I would never consider it since my German family can't pronounce it correctly, and sounds like An-Ru.
    Jasper - I adore Jasper.
    Levi - I just think of the jeans.
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    I like Levi and Edward from your list. Suggestions might be......

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    Thank you berries for all the great suggestions and of course opinions, it really helps to know other people's reactions to a name!

    @bamms - From your suggestions I like Elijah, Jonas, Rowan and Lucas.

    @lexiem - I really never thought about Edwin, thanks for the suggestion! It has that Edward like handsome-ness and it's as popular. Edward is a name that is frequently used in my family so that's where I got it from.

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    Bennett, I dislike, sorry. I think at Banette (a big French Business)
    Beau, I dislike, sorry. For me (I'm French), it's a word that I use every day. It's not a name (like Beautiful). But the sound is nice
    Eli, I like. Nice, short, sparkling.
    Owen, cute.
    Alden, Why not. I'm not fan however.
    Edward, Preppy, sympathetic.
    Edmund, It's very outdated for me, sorry.
    Andrew, I dislike the sound "Drew"
    Jasper, Nice, but I prefer Caspar or even Gaspard.
    Levi, Yes, my favorite. Lovely, literary, artistic.

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