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    Question Input on boy name

    I'm interested in thoughts on the name Theodore Abner. Names means God's Gift and Father of Light respectively. I like the meaning of both names and Theo is a cute nickname. Daughter's name is Lucinda (also meaning light).

    We also like Phineas but our last name begins with an "F" and it sounds too alliterative.

    Open to other suggestions, too. Looking for something semi-classic, not too too popular, and something with a decent nickname.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I have noticed that Theodore is getting extremely popular, well on Nameberry anyways, not sure about anywhere else. While I like the name I just always think of Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks, however, it is still a very nice name.

    Other suggestions:
    Victor nn Vic
    Leopold nn Leo
    Nathaniel nn Nathan or Nate

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    I absolutely love Theodore nn Theo. It is getting popular here, but for good reason. Right now, I think we are outliers in our love for Theo, but I get the feeling that sometimes NameBerry tends to be something of a trend predictor.

    The names I see thrown around by Theo lovers are Julian and August and Henry. Julian is especially wonderful. Your pick Phineas, however, is quite unusual. How about Simeon, Sidney, Rafe, or Bayard? When I put Theodore and Phineas into, it gave me the randomest collection of names. Most of them are really neat and unusual, but I didn't post them here because they don't have much mainstream appeal. But I would suggest trying it and seeing what you find.
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    Theodore and Phineas, Perfect

    Lucian ?

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    Theodore Abner is great!!!
    Abner reminds me of the neighbors in Bewitched. Not one that is often thrown around.

    I know we throw Theodore around a lot but I don't think its quite as popular as it would seem.
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