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    Quote Originally Posted by goettlmommy View Post
    oooh me too. Convincing my slightly more name-conservative husband that using the first name Sebastian is not a cruel thing to do to our child is the issue!
    What does he think is so bad about Sebastian?! This is one of my absolutely favorite names but it rhymes with our last name so I can't use it. This is SUCH a COOL name! It has cool nns (Sebi, Bash, Bastian, Seb) and I love it even more (which I didn't think was possible) because it has personal meaning for you two!!! It would be so sad to me if you didn't get to use this name.

    Sorry, I don't actually have any suggestions, I just had to speak up for Sebastian. We also loved Maximilian for our son before he was born (because we love the name but also because it's the name of a Polish saint who has a brave story), but again -- rhymes with our last name and has some of the same sounds so it would have been super rhymey and repetitive. That's another top name on my list though. How I would LOVE to meet a little Maximilian or Sebastian.

    Also, though you can't argue your mother's point about Titus, I think it's a common enough name (or at least commonly known) that most people do not think that instinctively. And also, I actually think Luke goes quite well with Timothy, which is common but not overly used. Both great classic names in my opinion.

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    A lot of the names on your list are great options. Elijah sounds particularly good with Timothy.

    I would probably avoid Titus and Tyrus. If your other son is Timothy, the names sound a bit overly precious together. I would also avoid Cohen, since it is a surname that denotes a special status in the Jewish religion. If you go with Joshua, there will probably always be one or two other Joshuas in his classes at school , if that makes a difference to you.

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    What about Caedmon, Philemon, or Ezekiel. They are all a bit more obscure names from Christianity. Oh, and Obadiah is a cool name with the nickname Obe.

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    I would love to see Phillip with Timothy! Titus is not my fav simply because I always get hung up on the first 3 letters of the name. From your list, I love:


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    I love:


    Maybe Joshua but I prefer Josiah and maybe Callum.

    It's a pity for Phineas, Gabriel, Thaddeus, Solomon, Theodore & Isaiah.

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