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    Eli and Ayla? Too similar?

    We already have a two year old son, Eli Alexander, and are expecting a baby girl. We both love the name Ayla, but worry that they sound too much alike. What do you think? Are the too similar sounding? We are also struggling with a middle name for Ayla (if we go with that name). We would really like a name that begins with an S (after my grandmother as the A is after my husband's grandmother). I like Ayla Shoshana but my husband hates Shoshana so that's out of the question. The only one we can agree on is Ayla Sophia. We love the name Sophia but dislike how common it is now. Can you think of other middle names for Ayla? Ayla Seraphine? Ayla Sabrina? Ayla Sarina? Our last name has two syllables so I don't think a two syllable middle name would sound good because then all 3 names would be two syllables. Any suggestions? Or other, completely different A and S name combinations altogether? The order does not matter. Thanks!
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    Eli and Ayla are much too similar.

    Some middle names for Ayla:

    Ayla Sabrina
    Ayla Seren

    Instead of Ayla:


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    Yes they sound too similar together.

    Middle names for Ayla

    Ayla Shoshanna
    Ayla Sigourney
    Ayla Susannah

    Some more suggestions:

    Eli & Catrin
    Eli & June
    Eli & Bianca
    Eli & Mara
    Eli & Tatia

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