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    Help with list?

    Hi Everyone, my husband and I are in the process of picking a boys name for our second son. Our first is named Miles. I would love ANY input you have on our top names:

    Locke - I like the name Lachlan but we would always call him Locke, so have fallen in love it.
    Row - My husband loves for the same reason - we were looking at Rowan but would always shorten it to Row.
    Lev - This is a new favourite - I love that it means lion-hearted (Leo was on our list but it's getting popular in our circle)...if we had a girl we would have named her Neve, but I'm not sure that we'll have more children so Lev also gives me the "ev" sound that I love.

    Any thoughts? Zev and Finn were also on our short-list. We have some members of our family that will hate the name no matter what we pick (and will be very vocal) which makes it even harder...


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