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    Names that mean 'lucky'

    I try not to get TOO sucked into meanings (over sounds, general perception, etc) but I do love a cool meaning.

    I was/am very fond of Zelda, which means 'lucky' in Yiddish, but my DH has banned it - despite it being a family name for me - because of the Nintendo game. Really very irritating for me. But I've mostly set it aside, hence the past tense.

    Felicia he's okay with. Aside from Felicity (not ideal with our surname) what other 'lucky' names am I blanking on?

    And is Felicia too dated to even consider? Felix is stylish for boys - Felicity holds its own - but what of feminine ones that don't end in -y? Felicia, Felixia, Feliana, Felicita? Our last name ends in -y, so Felicity 3-syllables-y is not ideal at all.


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