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    The thirty most recent Telegraph stars

    Annabelle Grace Sarah
    Evelyn Patricia Rosalind (sister for Pippa)
    Stella Mary (sister for Ned)
    Marni Sky Lucia (sister for Dalbiac and Laszlo)
    Josephine Monica (sister for Jennifer and Georgina)
    Elizabeth Camilla Jessica (sister for Bella)
    Lucie Elizabeth (sister for Olivia)
    Isla May and Molly Rose
    Alannah Mary Clare (sister for Edward and Angus)
    Poppy Jane Audrey
    Beatrice Carolina Victoria (sister for Humphrey)
    Phoebe Louise Marie
    Isobel Alice Jane
    Stevie Belle (sister for Harper Rose and Arnold)
    Charlotte Emily
    Zoe Vuong
    Dorothy Catherine (sister for Owen, Elsie and Ben)
    Bay Diana Dorothy
    Angelina Astara
    Erin Louise
    Annie May
    Rosie Antonia Hepworth (sister for Milo)
    Olivia Jane Marcella (sister for Sophie)
    Sophie Kitty Freya
    Imogen Juliet Rose
    Ailey Elizabeth (sister for Lucy)
    Arwen Annabel
    Teresa Margaret
    Ella Rose

    Theodore David (brother for Joe)
    Caspar Richard (brother for Archie and Rollo)
    Oliver John Gareth (brother for Nancy)
    Oscar Charles Bruce
    Robin Willoughby (brother for Bruno and Kit)
    Otto Frederick Thomas
    Tobyn Martin Ronald (brother for Jamie)
    Dominic James Nelson (brother for Sebastian)
    Oscar John (brother for James and Clara)
    Robin Anthony
    Orlando Hugh (brother for Lani and Algy)
    Digby George Francis (brother for Hattie Rose)
    Montgomery Welch
    Rory Edward (brother for Milly, Tarka and Mungo)
    Jacob Harry George (brother for Esme Rose)
    William Toby (brother for Oliver, Tim and Alexander)
    Finlay James George
    Arthur Geoffrey Ranulph
    Maximilian George (brother for Zachary Alexander)
    Humphrey Christopher Benjamin
    Peter George
    William David Glyn (brother for Sophie)
    Luca Sebastian
    Jake Timothy Stephen (brother for Toby, Amelia and Felix)
    Hugo Edward Manuel (brother for Freddie)
    William George (brother for Thomas)
    James John Edward (brother for Sophia)
    Harry Anthony Arthur Herbert Fortescue
    Fergus Charlie Patrick
    Albie George

    What's your favourite? I can't go past Harry Anthony Arthur Herbert Fortescue! Sorry, but that's WAY over the top! My real favourites? Bay Diana Dorothy and William Toby. So gorgeous.
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    Oooh thanks for posting this! My favorites are Rosie Antonia, Robin Willoughby and Albie George.
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    Evelyn Patricia Rosalind & Beatrice Carolina Victoria are my favorite's for the girls.

    Humphrey Christopher Benjamin fave for the boys.
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    TWO baby Robins! Such a great name for a boy. I really am a fan of the quirkiness of English names. It seems some of these parents could care less about flow or feel, but the names are still awesome. I mean, brothers Robin, Bruno, and Kit? What? Sophie Kitty Freya? Poppy Jane Audrey is awesome. Such a great combination of different kinds of classy names.
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    No real surprises from the girls except for Arwen Annabel, Stevie Belle (which I surprised myself by really liking) and Bay Diana Dorothy (which seem like rather heavy middles to pair with pared-down Bay). I feel like Nameberry has desensitized me to the rest of the names on that list, since I hear them brought up so often on the boards -- I can't tell whether I like them or or not!

    I liked the boys best, as I always do. So many gems here -- Caspar Richard, Robin Willoughby (perfection), Otto Frederick Thomas, Digby George Francis (Digby + Hattie = cuteness abounds), Montgomery Welch, Arthur Geoffrey Ranulph (LOVE Ranulph), Humphrey Christopher Benjamin, Hugo Edward Manuel, Fergus Charlie Patrick. Hard to choose a favorite! Well, not that hard: I absolutely love Robin Willoughby. Robin is all boy to me: it has the perfect mix of whimsy and gravity. Pair it with Willoughby and I'm in name-nerd heaven.
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