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    My son has 2 older sisters. He has no choice but to play with girls toys. We don't really care, what the kids play with or what they wear (we let them make their own clothing choices). My husband is the kind of guy that if Walter decides that he wants to wear a dress to school then he would too.

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    I absolutely agree with you. I think in some ways it is sooo difficult to be male in our society. Guys have to constantly prove their masculinity or risk being seen as weak. There isn't quite the same level of pressure for girls to prove their femininity, it is okay to have labels like jock, or be one of the guys and no one questions their womanhood. I won't go into why I think that is because that is more debatable, but I think you are absolutely right in what you said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Out of DO you think it will affect their child's future?
    In extreme cases yes. Ok in one of my classes a few years back we discussed on how far would you go to raise your child gender neutral.
    The vast majority agreed that it was ok for boys to play with dolls or girls with trucks, or boys playing dress ups with girls clothes and vice versa etc. Some parents don't know when to draw the line. I don't approve of parents raising their children gender neutral to push their own political agenda. They are forcing their own roles onto that child, so how can that possibly be giving the child freedom of choice. That child will grow up to more confused.Just let them be kids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by isabellemarie View Post
    In extreme cases yes.
    I asked how? Like, concrete examples.
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    Before I was pregnant and during, I always told myself I wasn't going to push any sort of gender stereotyping on my kids. I was going to have a unisex nursery and toys, nothing bright pink or frilly, etc... but when Rowan was born I found myself gravitating towards the girly, fluffy, and frilly stuff and getting a thrill out of buying it. But then I came to the conclusion that it was my tastes and influences coming through in her toys and clothes. She didn't (and doesn't currently) care about what "gender" the toy is. She'll play with her toddler Legos and balls and then turn around and play with a doll or a stuffed animal. Her favorite toys are her books and a spikey purple ball with a LED disco light inside it. We took her to a toy store recently and she was running around playing and touching everything but she did pay special attention to a realistic looking doll in a toy stroller (so much that I almost bought it for her... I should probably go back and get it...)
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