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    Violet Elle- Love both names but I don't love the flow
    Lucie Rue- Same feeling as Violet Elle
    Georgia Liv- So adorable!!!
    Siri Mei- Because of iPhone Siri, I'm not sure how usable this is!
    Maja Faith- So cute!
    Bliss Elise- Not good flow, but I love Elise
    Tia Segina (pronounced sheh-gee-nuh)- Not my style
    Easton Elise- I don't like it
    Ivory Elle- Not a fan


    Copper Wesley- LOVE
    Todd Wesley- I find Todd dated
    Wylie Grey- I find Wylie kind of feminine
    Abel Grey- So cute!
    Tucker Declan- Lovely
    Avery Layne- A little too unisex to me, but Avery is so adorable!!!
    Lynx Wesley- Not my style

    My favorites are Georgia Liv, Maja Faith, Abel Grey and Avery Layne
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    I like your combos...except for Siri. Too bad the Apple people thought of it before you! Good luck!

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    Violet Elle - I would like Violet Elise better
    Lucie Rue - Love Lucy, not so much Lucie (seems to be asking for trouble, like spelling it Violette instead of Violet)
    Georgia Liv - I really like Liv. Georgia just isn't my taste. It's all state/country to me.
    Siri Mei- I actually like this one
    Maja Faith -I don't like Maja, it reminds me of Mojo or Raja.
    Bliss Elise - I like Bliss as a middle but not as a first
    Tia Segina - Tia is okay, Segina is completely unfamiliar to me but if it has meaning for you I think it's a good middle choice
    Easton Elise - Easton is all boy
    Ivory Elle - I don't hate Ivory, but it reminds me of the soup and I just don't really like most color names (Coral being the exception).

    Copper Wesley - This is okay, I adore Wesley, I'd like that better as a first
    Todd Wesley - bit boring compared to you other choices, but a solid name.
    Wylie Grey - coyote? sorry but no
    Abel Grey - I really like Abel a lot. Grey is all right, but I'd like it paired with Wesley also.
    Tucker Declan - not fond of either name sorry
    Avery Layne - I really love Avery! But since it's a bit wordy this combo sounds like a street name. Avery Cooper?
    Lynx Wesley - sorry, but I really don't like Lynx as a first.
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    Thank you for all your feedback :-)

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    Violet Elle - Nice!
    Lucie Rue - I hear someone with a speech impairment saying "Lucy Liu" (like the actress)... sorry to be blunt! I love both names separately though, especially Rue.
    Georgia Liv - My favorite of your combos!
    Siri Mei - Agree with the iPhone comments. Also the two vastly different ethnicities of these names sort of throws me... Siri Mae/May would be better.
    Maja Faith - are you pronouncing it "Mah-juh" or "My-uh"? Because if it's the second, I LOVE that spelling of Maja. Even more so Maija, and I like the repeated letters in Maija Faith. Will probably be misspelled/mispronounced constantly, though.
    Bliss Elise - Pretty, though I worry Bliss might be a teasable first name.
    Tia Segina (pronounced sheh-gee-nuh) - Prefer Regina. Tia isn't bad.
    Easton Elise - I'm not a big fan of Easton on anyone really but definitely not a girl. If you love it, I'd go with Easton Elle.
    Ivory Elle - I think soap, elephants, and white supremacists, in that order. Sorry, I wouldn't use it.

    Copper Wesley - Actually thought this was COOPER Wesley at first glance, which I much prefer. Not a fan of Copper as a name.
    Todd Wesley - Todd is NMS, but I like Wesley. Especially spelled Westley.
    Wylie Grey - I like it! Ooh, speaking of which, Wesley or Westley Grey would be nice too!
    Abel Grey - A little short and choppy, but I like both names.
    Tucker Declan - I like Tucker, but unfortunately it rhymes with some not great words. Declan I'm not a fan of.
    Avery Layne - Avery is fine on a boy, but the Y in Layne makes the whole combo seem femme to me. Avery Lane would be my suggestion.
    Lynx Wesley - Not a fan of Lynx at all. Maybe Lincoln Wesley NN Lynx? Or Lincoln Xavier NN Lynx would make sense with the initials.

    My favorites are Georgia Liv and Wylie Grey! Second choices would be Maija Faith and Avery Lane (this spelling).
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