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    American Idol Top 20 Names (Spoilers)

    So I did this thread last year so I might as well do it for this year's cast.

    Here are some interesting names and some doozies in this year's cast.


    Kree (22 yr old from Nashville, TN)
    Zoanette (20 yr old from Tulsa, OK)
    Adriana (17 yr old from Anchorage, AK)
    Tenna (29 yr old from Queens, NY) - pronounced Tina I think?


    Lazaro (21 yr old from Naples, FL)
    Cortez (22 yr old from Dallas, TX)
    Burnell (19 yr old from New Orleans, LA)

    I can't help but love Kree and Cortez's names. Apparently Kree is not short for anything.

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