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  • Henrietta Edith Elizabeth

    18 30.00%
  • Harriet Olive Elizabeth

    18 30.00%
  • Edith Olive Elizabeth

    9 15.00%
  • Clementine Edith Elizabeth

    12 20.00%
  • Edith Henrietta Elizabeth

    3 5.00%
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    Obsessed with royal vintage old names

    Poll. Pick a name that goes well with Adelaide Sloane Elizabeth.

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    I love Henrietta Edith Elizabeth. It has nice flow, I think it sounds great with Adelaide, and Henrietta has so many nickname possibilities.

    My husband and I considered Harriet Olive for a while, but then my husband pointed out that it can sometimes sound like Hairy Olive, which is kind of gross sounding. It ruined it for me, but I still think it's really pretty in theory.

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    Harriet Olive Elizabeth I like best, however, you might would switch that to Harriet Elizabeth Olive, because otherwise, it spells Hoe. Granted, it's usually "ho" but kids won't care.
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    I voted for Henrietta because I love it. (On my own extended list).

    Out of curiosity, what's your reason for using Elizabeth as a second mn for both girls? I assume you are honoring someone with it but I'd love to hear the story!
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    It's my middle name! Something I can share with my daughter and my daughter can share that together as well

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