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Thread: Matti

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    I have posted on several threads about the name Madison for a boy. Sadly, many people shot it down, as well as several members of my family. But I am still very curious, what are done boy names where the nickname Matti is a possibility. One name I have considered is the full name Matthew, but I am apsolutlylove dead set against the nickname Matt. Any other names you can think of?

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    Matthias nn Matti is pretty standard in Germany; I've had several exchange students with that name and, for me, Matti is just adorable on a boy.

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    Mattis is actually a name that is rising very quickly here in Denmark, but I don't know if that's too nicknamey for English speakers.
    I agree with PP, Matti as a nickname for Mattias/Matthias would work just great, or Matheus.
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    I think you'll get Matt no matter what the full name is. Matti with the "i" is very young-seeming, and he may at some point decide he doesn't want it there any more (like Bobby and Billy becoming Bob and Bill.) At that point it's out of your control- it's his name, after all. And names tend to get shortened to their first syllable anyway- Alex becomes Al, Jordan becomes Jor, etc. It's a pretty natural thing that people do, and I don't think there's really any way to stop it.

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    Matteo and Matthis would work.

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