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Thread: Gwen all alone?

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    Gwen all alone?

    For our twins we love the name Gwen. I like Gwendolyn, but I don't like it as much. Plus, If the other girl is named Mae. I don't know if Mae would seem too plain compared to Gwendolyn. Gwen and Mae is cute though, I think. Could Gwen stand alone as a fn? Or what names could I use and get the nickname Mae/ May?
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    I love Gwen and Mae even more than Della and Marie. Mae can be a nn for Margaret, but I think Gwen works great as a stand alone name.
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    I like Gwendolen and Gwyneira but Gwen really does stand just fine on its own.

    I like Mae alone, but it traditionally is short for Mary or Margaret, and less traditionally could work for Maybelle or Maple or Marigold?

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    My name is Gwendolyn but I go by Gwen. I have always wishes my name was Gwen on its own. What about Gwenyth?
    Mae can be from Maegan, Maeve, Margaret, Mabel, Mary, Maeren, Or Masie.
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    I think Gwen is nice and strong enough to stand on her own, without the need for a lengthier name behind her. If you like Gwen better than Gwendolyn, and love Mae over longer variants (it seems), why bother with trying to build on them? Gwen and Mae are nice, and nice together.

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