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    Exclamation Naming Language--What do YOU think of these names?

    For my Christian high not-so-fantasy, I've put together a tiny naming language, to add SOME internal consistency to the names. I just wanted to run these by you guys and check that a) they sound like they might all be from the same culture, b) they fit the characters they belong to, c) they aren't too familiar/intensely-modern-and-I-just-missed-them/mean something rude or derogatory in another culture, and d) not stumbling blocks to today's readers. I'm not dead-set on any of these, so if you HATE them, don't be afraid to say so. :D (and yes, this post will be long)

    First up are Adyllis and Gavett--they're sister and brother. She's 24 and he's 16. Physically, they're both lanky and freckled. She's tall and has auburn hair, freckles, and green eyes. He's average-height, has tan hair, and also has green eyes. She defines herself by the way she has raised her brother for the past four years. He defines himself by the way he thinks he killed their father, and indirectly their mother, who committed suicide a year after their father died. He has been dealing with bully troubles and wants to escape. She'll do anything to keep him from going. I'm fairly comfortable with both of their names, but not positive on either of them.

    Then there's Elleris, pronounced el-AIR-iss. She's 15 years old with dark blue eyes and short black hair. She lives in a little isolated village, and aches for anything different form her life right now. I haven't really decided on her backstory yet. She's a fairly gentle, easygoing soul, the sort who wanders through the woods picking flowers--or would if there were woods nearby. She's motivated less by adventure than by a desire for change, any sort of change. I've definitely contemplated changing her name, because, on paper, it's dang similar to Adyllis. I'd rather change the spelling, but I've fiddled with it and not fallen in love with any of the alternates.

    Then there's Fenwyn, Adyllis's sister. She's 19, and I don't have physical description or much of a personality or backstory for her yet. I do know that she's brave, and loving, and hopeful. She wants to change the world--which obviously doesn't end up going so well. She's an enchantress (I describe them as something between an angel and a nun :p) at the convent in the northern mountains, and is caught up in the crazy politics and rebellions going on up there. I can't see her name without thinking TOLKIEN! ARWEN! ELVES! and would dearly love to change it, but I've not fallen in love with anything new. Some of the names I've considered are Laryn, Avaril, and Idon.

    Here's the currently-named Allian, though he's gone by many names before. He's the closest thing to a villain I've got, though he's more of a misguided, revenge-driven sad soul. He's 24, and all I know about his appearance is that his entire left side (or right side, I'm not sure) is covered in burn scars. When he was 12, he was pushed into the campfire and then forced to watch brigands/criminals/rebels assault and kill his young mother. When he went to those enchantresses I mentioned earlier, for comfort and healing, he was refused. He's nursed bitterness against them--and the criminals--ever since. I hate his name, since it sounds like "Alien," which is totally not what I'm going for. He's gone by Ailosan and Osen, both of which I also hate. I'm contemplating Osden, Bazten, and Kaven for his name.

    And here comes Pip, which is not her real name. (Her real name is Clari.) Pip is the character who walked into my brain and told me, and I quote: "Here I am. Here's what I look like. Here's my backstory. Now write about me, and then kill me off so the other characters can grow." She was the first character who really "spoke" to me, so she holds a special place in my heart, and I will not budge on her nickname unless someone tells me it's a horrible insult in another language. Not budging, over here. She has pink hair, and has been raised by her mother, who runs a brothel in the Port of Froth. Yeah. Pip's story. She's a strange mixture of defensive and vulnerable, and I'm still working her out. I love her nickname, but I'm not sure on her real name--which is Clari, if you'll recall.

    So. Yep. Those are the citizens of Egen--or at least the important ones. Whaddya think? Any atrocious standouts? The only thing I'm set on is Pip's name--her nickname, that is. I don't care about Clari. Anything that screams "This totally isn't right!"? Anything too complicated? And what should I do about Allian's name!!?

    Thanks for reading my obsessively long post!
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