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    Jul 2013
    Me: Erin
    Hubby: ???

    D: Juliette Elise
    S: Jonathan Reese

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    Jan 2012
    DD: Arden Caroline
    DD: Charlotte Remy
    DS: Crew Isaac
    DS: August Noah

    Dcat: Penny
    Dcat: Marnie
    Ddog: Winnie

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    Mine would be:

    B > Tristan Alexander (have)
    B > Noah Theodore (have)
    G > Rosalie Euphemia Lux nn. Roo/Rin
    G > Miriam Lilith Snow nn. Mir/Mimi
    B > Jasper Nicholas nn. Jazz
    G > Clara Penelope Rue nn. Lili

    So > Tristan, Noah, Jasper, Rosalie, Miriam & Clara
    Middle names change frequently... :P
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    Sorry for a long answer :)

    In a perfect world I would have 10 kids. I grew up with one brother and not knowing I had 10 other siblings (from my father (Irish Catholic)) and once I found out (at age 17) I always wanted a BIG family.

    Her: Caitlin Jade
    Him: Geoffrey Bartholomew

    Emmett James Walter "Mett"
    Amalia Lucie Rose "Lia"
    Twins - Alexander Owen Jericho & Leon Dominic Beau "Lex" and "Leo"
    Harlow Lillian Grace "Arlo"
    Indigo Vivienne Reese "Indy"
    Twins - Natalia Ruby Kate & Romia Winter Jade "Talia" & "Mia"
    Zachary Xavier Flynn "Zach"
    Elijah Jefferson Tate (Lij)
    --Ages to show years apart- 1,2,5,8,9,12,14,16

    In reality I would probably have 4-6 kids. Most likely 5 dues to car/house/money restrictions (Only have 7 seat SUVs in Australia and I don't want to drive a bus...)
    Emmett James Walter "Mett" 13
    Amalia Lucie Rose "Lia" 11
    Alexander Owen Jericho "Xander" 7
    Leon Dominic Beau "Leo" 5
    Harlow Lillian Grace "Arlo" 3
    Indigo Vivienne Reese "Indy" 1
    --Ages to show years apart- 1,3,5,7,11,13

    Pets: This list is also our current pets.
    Dogs: Kodah (Greyhound) and Thorin(call name is Thor) (Bull Terrier)
    Cats: Nala (Bengal) and Sylvester (Domestic/Shelter Cat)
    Birds: Kaio (Ky-oh), Jozie & Lyric (Cockatiels) Vinn and Hawk (Alexandrines)
    Ducks Inca and Jetta (Cayuga Duck) Arwen and Alto (Pekin Duck) Kinley (Muscovy Duck)
    Chickens: Cleo, Mocha, Mariposa, Raspberry and a Rooster named Kracken - still in naming due to getting them today but really liking these name
    In the fish tank - Admittedly I sometimes forget all their names - Oscar, Nebula, Galaxy, Star, Luna, Onyx,Raven, Arielle, Apollo, Storm, Venice, Topaz, Jazz, Merlin, Pheonix, Casper, Monroe, Willow, Chuck, Nemo, and Finn and then the tetras (which don't have names apart for the biggest called Cruzie)|

    ** My favourite from your combinations are Flynn Roscoe Lucas, Talulah Madison Onyx & Isabella Robin Lux.
    Feel free to comment on any of my cominations too
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    Edith. Iris. Lyra. Violet. Clara. Freya. Alice. Ottilie. Marian. Luella. Beatrice. Anthea. Romilly. Martha. Grace.
    Arthur. Stanley. Felix. Henry. Otto. Samuel. Dexter. Edward. Julian. Nicholas. Ira. Sidney. Winston. Thomas. Gabriel.


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