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Thread: Need opinions 2

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    Need opinions 2

    I love names, love to talk about them and love to read discussions related to names. Now, I would like to hear your opinion about these lovely names. I like them all, and mine favorites at the moment are [name]Freya, Madeleine and Isaline...

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    I love these! I would use most of them as either a fn or mn. But here are some in-depth thoughts..

    Freya: I like the connection, history, and mythology behind this name. Although, I don't love it and couldn't really picture myself using. I still can't imagine it on a real child. Maybe because I've never met a little Freya.

    Elara: Nothing about this name really jumps out and grabs my attention. It's different from the usual Laura or Ella, but it still doesn't really interest me as much as something like Elowen.

    Poppy: One of my favorite flower names! I love Poppy, but it just doesn't have enough substance to be a fn for me. I brought it up with my DH once, all he could say was "Like the drug?" Because of that thing about poppy seeds and opium, I assume.

    Melody: I love the sound, but it's pretty dated, IMO. I think because I grew up around a lot of Melody's in the 90's. I much prefer Elodie.

    Elodie: Love, as stated! It's fresh, but still has the lovely sound that Melody has.

    Ada: Definitely too plain. Some people may be able to see the appeal, but the child would probably get the popular, as of late, nn of Addie. It seems kind of "old lady."

    Mina: Cute! I like this one a lot. I especially think it would be perfect for someone who is going to have a multi-racial child, as this name works in English and Asian languages.

    Isolde: Such a beautiful name. And I think most people would recognize it, since there was that movie Tristan & Isolde.

    Araminta: Exactly my style as far as middle names go. I love sweet and frilly names!

    Amoret: I'm not sure if I've ever heard this name before or I just recognize it because it's similar to other names. Either way, I'm not really a fan.

    Rosamund: I think this one falls into the same category as Araminta! Frilly. I love it.

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    I've bolded the ones I particularly like:

    Freya - never have liked the association with "fray"
    Elara - pretty sounding, somewhat exotic
    Poppy - too cutesy for a future attorney-at-law
    Melody - not bad, though she will get confused with Melanie, which I prefer
    Elodie - pretty, but I prefer Eloise Ii'm not big into the d sound)
    Ada - Nice, sturdy vintage, though I prefer Ava and Eva myself
    Mina - I hope she isn't mean-a
    Isolde - Seems a bit heavy for a modern Izzy (d sound again)
    Araminta - I sure hope she likes mints
    Amoret - sounds like a perfume company
    Rosamund - I've been warming up to this recently; it has cute nn options but a great elegant name for the attorney-at-law
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