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    like balloonsforellie my interest in names is (relatively) new, but i remember this one conversation i had with my mom when i was maybe a pre-teen:

    I'm not sure why i brought it up, probably because there's someone in my life i love and respect named Eva. I said to my mom, I like Evelyn as a name.
    She promptly made a sour face. "EW! that's so old lady."
    Now i'd never use it because it's so popular!
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    Ugh, my style was so awful when I was first into names! My top 5 for girls was Ashlyn, Bailey, Emmerson, Sarah, and Honor. I still like Aislinn, and I think Sarah's lovely, but Bailey and Emmerson are awful, and Honor is okay, but Honora/Annora is much more my style now.

    I still like a couple of trendy names like Macy and Hadley, but I wouldn't use them, because they don't really fit with Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, Violet, Charlotte, etc.
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    I can't remember the very first names I was in love with, but I do recall loving Elizabeth for a long time, which is still considerable now, I had a major love affair with Evangeline also, which I still love, but wouldn't like use due to the religious overtones, Calypso is still a major love, but not very usable imo. I had a tom-boyish name phase, loving names like Alexis, Quinn and Tegan for awhile, not my style anymore clearly! I can't honestly think of any though that make me think "What was I thinking?!" or just completely stand out from what I normally like. I think my taste has definitely grown and evolved now though.

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    While the names have channged my taste has stayed the same, more at less. I am started to like more quirky names now, but I still like the classic names as well. There was I stage I went through were I liked overly frilly girly names, (Ariana, Arabella, Lilliana, Isadora) which I can't stand anymore.
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    I have always been a name-collector.

    I still honestly like the nicknames I liked when I was tiny (and named my dolls after): I still love Jenny, Susie/Suzy - I had one doll named Susie and another named Suzy, it was my first real encounter with "same name different spelling" and Sally and Kitty still, though the long forms have changed.

    What I don't love are the names I thought were terrifically stylish and cool as an older kid/teenager. Jenny/Susie/Kitty/Polly etc. ARE very cutesy, but today I much prefer those, which I liked when I was very little, to Chelsea, Madison, Alyssa and Hunter, Harrison, Tyler etc. I thought were sooo much cooler when I was 10-15.

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