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    Beautiful names- it's always nice to see old names from other countries. I probably can't pronounce half of them, but they all look gorgeous My favorites would have to be Esthère, Scholastique, Zélie and Isoline for the girls and Axelroude, Séraphin and Calixto for the boys.
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    Angadreme - Dream angel? Lovely.

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    The one that stood out for me was Cédrique What a neat way to spell Cedric, which I don't particularly like!

    I like Isoline and Tranquille for girls.
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    Here's some names from my french line- Some unusual, some not

    Agnes Dolare (f)
    Amable (m)
    Archange (f)
    Armand (m)
    Cécile (f)
    Cleophas (m)
    Dalvané (m)
    Élisabeth (f)
    Étienne (m)
    Eusèbe (f)
    Gérard (m)
    Godfroid (m)
    Hormidas (m)
    Hyacinthe (m)
    Jean Bernard (m)
    Joachim (m)
    Josaphat (m)
    Laurent Joseph (m)
    Leonard (m)
    Lucé (f)
    Marie Anna (f)
    Mathildé (f)
    Moise (m)
    Philippe (m)
    Selendy (f)
    Stanislas (m)
    Thérèse (f)
    Toussaint (m)
    Uldège (m)
    Victoire (f)
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    I love Isoline, Esthère, and Zélie!

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