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    The other day, my husband was having a chat with our three year old about having to be a good girl. To which se replied, "You're ringing my ears off!" DH didn't find it as amusing as I did.

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    I love these stories!

    When my brother was very little he looked across the table at my grandma and said "Graaaandma," very sweetly. She replied "Whaaaat?" in the same sweet, sing-sing voice, thinking he was going to say "I loooove you." . He answered "Why are your eyeballs cracked?" (bloodshot)

    When I was six I was doing some kind of school performance with my first-grade class in the gym. The bleachers were packed with parents and students. I was walking across the gym and my father says I stopped and looked at the crowd, put my hands on my hips, and said "Well! This is intimidating!"

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    My Persey has really only just started talking but I remember we were shopping for school stuff for my step-daughters and we were in the uniform shop and Persey says "I want one too mummy I want to big like Wylee and Emmie" she was talking about there school dresses and the girls cracked up.
    I also remember when I was in the toy section with Persey looking for gifts for Rhylee and Emmersyn when she grabbed an elmo and ran to me and said "Mummy Elmo wants to come home with me"
    I replied "No Persey maybe you can ask santa?"
    Persey: "But he wants to come home now"
    Me "Miss Persephone Elizabeth Rose maybe you can get a chocolate instead?"
    So she puts the elmo down and runs to the chocolate section. People kept saying how cute she was.
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    I was picking my eldest up from school last week (she's just turned 6.) and a woman came up to me and invited Stori to her son's birthday party. Stori didn't even let me take it and just told his mother that she wasn't going. I asked her why and she said 'I saw him pick his nose today!' and i didn't know what to say. Luckily his mother has a sense of humor so handed me the invite and just laughed at her. She told me yesterday that she does in fact want to go to the party, after all.
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    If you want an honest opinion ask a small child!

    I remember taking my brother swimming when he was about 4, we were in the pool and he asked me why my swimming costume was black. I was puzzled by the question and asked him why does it matter and he explained to me that if I wanted to take him swimming again I should get a different colour of costume because I look like a baby whale in the black one when it's wet lol. A few years later when he was at school he had a science lesson about yeast and its uses in biotech etc. Took me about 3 weeks to figure out why he was calling me yeasty butt all of a sudden (apparently my baby whale butt keeps getting bigger much like bread dough).

    Another time I was getting ready to go out an it was my little cousin this time who was around 5 and was staying the night at our house. So there's me all dressed up waiting for my taxi and for some reason decided to ask the 5 year old boy how I looked. His reply was 'well you kind of look like my mum' so I asked 'how does you're mum look'? To which he replied 'well she's a bit old and kind of fat but she's got 3 kids and she smokes' at which point my taxi arrived and I left for my night out feeling like c**p lol.
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