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    I love all these suggestions! I am Mexican/Colombian, I also think Alejandro could work
    Raquel-23 year old who loves names, books, and languages

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    I like Marco. I also have a soft spot for Pablo, but that's probably dated or something in Mexico.
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    These are all very good options. I love Elian and Mateo/Matteo.

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    I love the name Marco! I think it works great in both languages.

    My favorite names common in Spanish-speaking countries are Raul, Rafael (Rafa is a fun and traditional nn), and Alejandro (with the adorable nn Alejo).

    Good luck! I mean, buena suerte!

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    From your list I really like Mateo.

    In school I had a classmate named Pasquel.(not sure of the spelling from that long ago) I always thought that was a neat name.

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