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    My man and I met my first year in college- his friend was dating my friend and so we ended up as one big group. One night that spring we were sneaking off campus to smoke (we went to a Christian no dancing/drinking/smoking/fun school). We headed to the "local" steak and shake about 25 minutes away (school was in the middle of a lot of Indiana cornfields). We ended up talking until 3 in the morning. The crazy thing was that our relationship at that point was genuinely platonic, but we were fast friends. I really trusted him and he really opened up to me, something he didn't do with most people. We both dated other people but stayed close (at one point we were each others' in case of emergency contact), for the next 7 years. We lived in different cities after college and then he moved to where I was.

    I had a string of terrible and dysfunctional relationships (daddy issues) and people would often suggest to me that I date Matt. I always refused- citing the platonic nature of my feelings and my genuine fear of hurting him.

    I moved again for a job and we were apart- at this point 6 1/2 years after we first met. I hit a low point in an awful relationship and God finally got me to see that I was on the verge of really self-destructing. For the first time in my life I started confronting my issues and realizing that I needed to become the kind of person who wants something healthy and good for myself (simple things like dating a guy who wasn't an addict/rapist/married/cheating on me). I started healing and really turning some things around. One lonely day a few months later I was in my car, and I had the thought "I should just date Matt". I immediately followed this thought with some positive mantra like "I do not need a man to be happy, the important thing is that I can be okay by myself". After that 'berries I kid you not it was like a voice from God thundered through my head "Matt is a good man, and if I were to bring you together it would be a blessing, you should want blessings".

    At that moment it was like a light bulb came on in my head. All of a sudden during our weekly phone conversation (we watched The Office together every week) I kept seeing how thoughtful he was, how sensitive, how funny. 2 months later we were on the phone and I mustered up the courage to ask "do you think we will ever be more than friends?" and during the silence afterward I jumped in and said "don't say anything yet, just think about it, its okay I can handle whatever you say, I just don't want you to be on the spot so call me whenever you have had a chance to think". And hung up.

    A few hours later he called me back. He patiently waited for me to stop rambling and during a pause He said, "I think I have loved you for a really long time, but I know that I love you now. There will never be a day when I don't love you. You are the only one for me, and I want to spend my life with you" He went on to list (I think he had an actual list he was reading from) everything he loved about me.

    8 days later he proposed-over the phone (eye roll, he can't stand any suspense- one year we opened our Christmas presents on December 21st because he couldn't wait). 68 days later we got married! We knew each other so well and we just couldn't see the point in waiting! 3 years later we had Ramona and we are now expecting number 2 in November.

    He is my best friend, out of every person in the world he is the one I most want to spend my time with, the one that gets me, the one that challenges me and makes me better. It isn't perfect or easy but it is so, so good!
    Mama to my little bunny girl (3/2011) and my silly bubble girl (11/13). Baby BOY is coming 9/17!!

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