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    Naming within the limits of Royal protocol: My first choice for the new royal princess would be Matilda (though as the mummy of a Matilda I am a) Biased and b) sincerely hope they don't as i think whatever name they choose will skyrocket in popularity not only in the UK but elsewhere!!) However I think its the perfect way to be modern within the bounds of Royal protocol and it is safe yet a little unexpected. How adorable would Princess Tilly be

    I would also LOVE to see a Queen Adelaide!....such a goregous regal name! Alice is gorgeous...that would be third choice and it would also be nice to honour Carol (kates Mum) and Prince Charles in the middle with Charlotte and Caroline.

    having said that how cute would it be to have a Princess Hattie (Henrietta or Harriet...not sure if this would be within protocol especially with Harriet) to honour Prince Harry (my favourite Royal and the long line of henrys that have gone before) or Pippa (Phillipa after Kates sister and also a tribute to Prince Phillip!) Can they use feminizations of the names of past Male Royals?

    I personally LOVE Elizabeth...and princess Eliza would be sweet but in a sense its just SO safe and predictable in this case it would be boring...i would not get any joy or suprise upon hearing they had named her Elizabeth or Victoria for that matter!!

    I would call her Matilda Victoria Charlotte Adelaide/Matilda Victoria Caroline Adelaide but I think sarahmezz is right they will go with a safer choice as she will be the next Queen of England!

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    I read that article too. I could see a combination including pretty much what everyone else has already mentioned: Elizabeth, Diana, Philippa, Charlotte, Caroline, Catherine.

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    Josephine or Sienna would be nice. Middle name has to be Diana. I think Charles would be lovely for a little boy but I'm not entirely sure.

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    Definitely Caroline. It's traditionally royal and has connections to both sides of the family. Catherine's mother's name is Carole, while Caroline is also the feminine form of Charles.
    Madeleine * Catherine * Elizabeth * Grace * Caroline * Eliza * Florence * Cordelia * Claudia * Lillian * Matilda * Eloise * Therese * Julia * Cecilia * Camille

    William * Sebastian * Julian * John Paul * Vaughan * Gabriel * Leo * Thibault * Fabian * Xavier * Hadrian * Cassius * Emanuel * Henry * Owen * Jude

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    I think they definitely will use Diana in the middle spot. I could honestly see something like Elizabeth Diana. Or I could see her do Victoria Diana. I also know Kate is really fond of Grace Kelly, as she used Grace Kelly's wedding dress for inspiration of her own. So I could see her possibly use Grace somewhere in the name.

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