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    Husband and I finally agree! Now for a middle name to match our last....

    My husband and I have finally decided on Sloan/Sloane for our daughter... But can't agree on a middle name. He likes Annaliese, but the Annal/anal thing bothers me, I heard it once, and now I can't forget it!
    Our last name is French, and sounds like "thee-a-bear".
    I was hoping for a more feminine flowy name to put in the middle, but I'm so named out, I can't think of anything that sounds just right.
    Please share you thoughts and suggestions, I really need them!!!

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    Sloane Anastasia Theeabear seems like a natural fit. Are you OK with initials SAT? Not a bad word at all just something to look at.

    Sloane Alice Theeabear
    Sloane Antonia Theeabear
    Sloane Annabel Theeabear
    Sloane Elise Theeabear

    AND What if you spell it Anneliese? Gets further away from annal/anal and is the original spelling of the name as far as I know.

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    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    Just spell it Annelise. That takes care of the Anal thing. Sloane Annelise is very pretty!

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