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    Hi, I'm Appy-fifteen years of age, resident of the United States, and currently very angry friend of the troll in the title.

    So, my name is Reverie, nicknamed RJ. Feel free to call me either. And I have this friend, Emily-she's a compulsive liar. She's told every lie in the book, and most of them are for sympathy. Last December, she faked being seriously ill and ended up getting grounded for three months. She has a pretty tough home life. Her parents are divorced and her dad's on drugs and in jail. All of that. Maybe it's making her desperate for attention, I dunno.

    But anyways, her story *is* true. Most of it. And irl, it's not hers, it's mine. Yes, there was an unfortunate occurrence and yes, I will have a new person in my life, hopefully. But Em doesn't really know anything about things like this and she twisted it wrongly. She didn't understand how pregnancy testing and the like work, she was purely doing mathematical calculations. I'm due in May, the 14th, a day after my birthday. Best present ever .

    Anyways, for some reason unbeknownst to me, she created 15 year old Ripley, who is essentially a knockoff of myself. She's been using Ripley Kinleigh White, violating my privacy by stealing my surname, on many different sites such as Yahoo! Answers and here, Ripley has a sad life and is nowhere near as fortunate as I, but her story is the same: Raped by so nonexistent friend's dad around Christmas and due in September. This Ripley has a very woe-is-me-but-still-perky attitude.

    So yes, that's my explanation. I'm sorry for her rudeness. I hope all of you are willing to forgive Em. I don't think she means to harm anyone, but the fact remains that faking sexual violence is pretty darn sick and that it's not something to be faked. But what's done is done, and I accept this challenge. I just wish she didn't have to insult me and other girls this way.


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