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    HELP!! GIRLS List, want opinions!!!

    We have a list of about 3 boys names we LOVE (so we are all set there) but a list of about 20 girls names we LIKE. Both hubby and I don't have "one" that checks off all the boxes although we both have our individual favorites.

    I am of Polish heritage so a few of the names I really like either hubby thinks may sound to ethnic or I am afraid they may sound weird to Americans (although in my perception, they are awesome). Two of my rules are that they have to have a Polish equivalent translation (so they tend to be traditional saints nmes) so I can call them sweet terms of endearment in my mother tongue, and also have to have a cool nickname. So I'd love to hear what you think. I would like to think this little girl with be sassy with spice and everything nice, if she takes from my side of the family

    English (NN) {Polish translation}

    Beatrice (Bea) {Beata}
    Anna {Annie} {Ania}
    Theadora (Theo) {Dosia}
    Cecilia (CiSa) {Cecylia}
    Elisabeth (Libby)(Leisel)(Elsa)(Bizzy) {Elzbieta}
    Matilda (Maisy, Molly){Matylda}
    Margaret (Maise, Molly) {Malgosia}
    Penelope (Penny) (Penn) (Pepper) {Pola}
    Victoria (Rory) {Wiktoria}
    Rose (Posey){Rozalia}
    Louise/a (Lulu or Issa) {Lucia}
    Kinga - Stands on its own as NN, and Polish name. This has always been a favorite of mine, such a Polish cool girls' name but am afraid it sounds weird to Americans...
    Veronica - (Viv) (Ronnie) - {Weronika} I've always loved this name too, but not sure of others perceptions of it.
    Teresa, Terese (Tessa) {Teresa}
    Julianne/a or Julia (Jules) {Yulianna}
    Francesca (Frankie) {Franceska, Franka}

    What do you think? Also any NNs you love?
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    Beatrice and Francesca! Consider Francie nn too.

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    I love your list. You can't go wrong with many of your options. I particularly like how you are going to use a Polish translation as well. My top three of your list are:
    1. Beatrice (Bea) {Beata}
    2. Teresa (Tessa) {Teresa}
    3. Matilda (Maisy) {Matylda} Matilda is actually on my list and I hadn't thought of Maisy as a nn.

    My least favourites are:
    1. Veronica (Ronnie) I like nn Viv
    2. Kinga (sorry because I know it's one of your favourites but I'm just not feeling it)

    Maybe to help narrow it down think about how the names flows with the last name and also check the meanings. There might be one that starts to shine.

    Are you going to use middle name/s. Could I suggest using the Polish translation as a middle:
    Beatrice Pola
    Beatrice Ania
    Beatrice Kinga

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    My mother is Polish, and I have always loved Polish names. My name is Catherine, but my grandmother always called me Katarzyna and the rest of my mom's side of the family calls me Katya, so I have a soft spot for that name of course.

    Also, my sister-in-law just named her daughter Malzena, nn Mila, which is growing on me, but that's sort of the opposite: Polish name, American nn, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

    My vote would be for Kinga -- I love that it's a Polish name but it's still easy to pronounce for non-Polish speakers (unlike most of them). It is definitely different, but so are LOTS of names being used today, so she'll fit right in. Also high on my list would be Francesca: Great name, great nickname. Love everything about it. Same with Anna. This is a favorite of mine, as is Ania, so Anna, nn Ania is also perfect in my mind. I also LOVE the nn Dosia for Theodora -- that really gets you the best of both worlds! I will be following this thread closely because I have always wanted to honor my Polish heritage in my (hopefully) future daughter's name but have been torn about how to do it. Good luck!

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    I had to write when I saw this forum topic! My name is Katherine (Katarzyna in Polish) and my whole family calls me Kasia.

    Love your name choices! My husband and I are currently TTC, and with me being Polish, I would like my future kids' names to either have a Polish equivalent or at least be easily pronounced by my Polish family ha!

    I love Anna (Ania) - know a few Polish-American girls with this name.

    Love Cecilia - on my own list - would probably use the nickname Cece.

    My cousin is pregnant and is going to name her daughter Apolonia to get to the Pola nickname!

    What boy's names do you have picked if you don't mind saying? I'm just curious!

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