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    I don't think Zoe is too matchy with Henry. The sound of the ending is similar, but the spelling is different and they are both classics.
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    Henry and Zoe are cute together. Rest easy.
    I think Marley is too matchy though because it carries the r and ee sounds.
    I would also advise against Alexis if you don't want the s to run into the S of your last name resulting in it sounding like Alec S...
    I really like Maya, more than Gemma, but I agree with the pp that both sound a little funny with Cynthia.
    I know you don't want two Cs but my favorite set would actually be Henry and Chloe. Is it too awful to suggest Khloe?
    Tough call, they are all nice names but hard to fit into what you want. Hope this helps

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    Thank you all SO much. I felt good about Zoe except for the matchiness.

    So, Chloe is my FAVE -- I was actually hoping to use that as a "C" name instead of using my mind, Zoe is the next best thing. And no, I definitely cannot name my daughter after a Kardashian, hahaha !!! I will, however, rethink the 2 C's....

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that having her name flow beautifully is more important than sounding great with her brother' least in the long run.

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    What about Emmeline Cynthia?

    ETA: Sorry, just read the rest of your post about wanting something shorter and fresher! Zoe works the best, I think.
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    Zoe is not matchy and meets all the criteria. I would add Maeve Cynthia. Good luck!

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