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    Unique nicknames for timeless classic!!

    Hey berries, I adore the name Alexander and I feel the only thing holding me back from using it are the nicknames. I feel like Alex is cute but dated and so common. I'm not really in to Xander or Xan. Lex seems too feminine to me. My husband dislikes Alec, and Andy has bad connotations for me. Sooo what other nicknames do you think I could pull off from Alexander...any and all suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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    Hmmm now about.....

    Sasha (though if Lex too feminine this one probably will be.... )

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    For very unconventional nicknames there are Skandar and Ders.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Skandar - not sure which nationality this is, but I find it so funky and fun! Plus, the cool connection to Skandar Keynes and The Chronicles of Narnia.
    Alexei/Sasha - I'm just a sucker for Russian nns. I think both of these are fabulous.
    Sander/Sandy - met the cutest little boy last month named Sandy! Totally made me appreciate it for the masculine gender.
    Zane - huge stretch, but if you can get Zander from Alexander, you can get Zane from Zander.
    Alejo - ah-LAY-ho. While out of town once I visited a church across the country, and I saw the name Alejo in the bulletin for that weekend. I thought it was really cool. I figured it stood on its own or was a nn for Alejandro/Alessandro, but I think it could totally work for Alexander, too.
    Anders - It's mostly there, just add the "S". A bit of a stretch, but not too much, imo.
    Andre - again, a bit of a stretch, but I think it could work. Especially if Alexander is spelled the French way, Alexandre.

    That's all I've got!

    Good luck!
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    missusaytch Guest
    I've heard of someone using Dex.

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