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Thread: Nina name theft

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    If you love Vera, I would personally have no qualms using it after what they did to you. Clearly, they don't follow the "claiming names" rule. That said, I obviously don't know your SIL, what kind of relationship you have with her, or how she might react to you using "her" name.

    I'm not sure if it's your style, but I've always liked Anouk with Leonie. In your original post you mentioned Camille, which I also think that would go well with Leonie as well. Nn Millie is precious.
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    @emmabobemma we just got a place in Jersey City! Sovsad to leave Bk, but the move is what's making a future Nina or Veda or Johnny possible!!

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    What about Karenina?

    I would put Nina in the middle if you really want to use it.

    Or you could choose a name that in nie- and choose a middle name that starts with na like Naomi. You could use Nina as a nickname, but you wouldn't be using the name formally.

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    I think it would be kind of weird to name her Nina...although totally justified. I've been kind of mad at your brother ever since I read about this a while back in a different thread. It's pretty low, although I'm sure they didn't mean to be mean. I can kind of imagine looking down at the little girl and Nina just fit (like Rachel with Emma in Friends). They should've asked though.

    I like the suggestions of Adair and Veda, I think they go very well with Leonie. Anouk as well, it is awfully cute.
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    It was my husband's family would NEVER! And honestly if not for the shared last names & ages I probably would've just went for it with Leo, but I'm glad I didn't. And I guess I will let go of it once & for all!

    It's just that so few names hit me the way Nina did. My image of Nina is this:

    Spunky & playful. A little strawberry blonde girl running around outside. A girl who is creative & has a lot of energy.

    And it's what I think of as a neutral name that can age into anything from lawyer to punk rocker...and pronounced easily among Russians & Italians

    Maybe yhat will get me some suggestions!

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