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    Hali has a lot of teasing potential, firstly it sounds feminine plus he would always get "Hali from Halifax". The thought behind it is nice but wearing it daily could be difficult.
    I love Flynn, Wells and Theo from your list.

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    Hali does seem distinctly feminine, but would work fine as a middle name if it has great meaning to you and your husband. I would pronounce it like the name Sally but with an H instead of an S.

    Wells is my personal favorite on that list. It strikes me as warm and sturdy... a solid yet gentle name. Distinctive too. Theodore, nickname Theo, is a classic. And I can't say I dislike any name on your list. They're all great choices.

    I'll recommend Heath, Oliver, and Sinclair... just because.
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    I loved the name Theo(dore) but my husband couldn't get over the Alvin and the Chipmunk character connection, we chose Archer (Archie) for our second son instead.

    A couple of suggestions:
    Ronan ("little seal")
    Dylan ("son of the sea")
    Felix ("fortunate")

    I'm sure once you meet the little guy you will know what the right name is!

    Good luck!

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    Thought: If you like Hali... how about Henry nn Hal?
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    Hagan instead of Hali (too girly)?

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